Are mega threads better than many individual ones?

Meta comment:

Is a mega thread truly better than separate more focused ones? (assuming they don’t go off topic)
Focused ones will usually be a lot more useful to find information on (and people will find them in search engines, etc.)


I second this.
I don’t see the value of aggregating all Revolut related stuff (for example) in one giant thread.
Much more complicated to find infos, imo.


I don’t know.

If this would be a support forum, that would be easier to handle: ein Autor, ein Problem, ein Gespräch, eine Lösung, Schluss. Thread is closed.

However this community likes to continue sometimes very old threads. Fine with me. I am just trying to merge duplicating discussion whenever possible. And I also think it is easier to find info in one large thread than to look for it in the whole forum. I find it also easier than to post links on other threads.

What we can try to do is “versioning”. We close a previous thread and open a new one starting with the summary of the current situation, like

Anyone volunteer to summarize current state and start a new thread for the following topics?

Alternatively keep original thread focused on what OP is asking. And fork the random discussion elsewhere (revolut discussion for instance).

The forum often shows up on Google, merging the threads destroys that value I think.

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One word: Wiki.
Every two years I suggest everyone to help me building it, but apparently no one wants.
I have a github account opened somewhere, but I made just a sngle page to test how fast is to contribute.

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The problem is that things might quickly get outdated, and then nobody feels responsible for updating them.

While in a mega thread you can just scroll to the end and get a “living” discussion about the latest changes that happened.

Maybe true, maybe not.

How much does it cost to pay abroad with a postfinance card? Can you find the point in a mega thread?

To be honest, I feel that this kind of superspecific information should be looked up on the postfinance page, not on a forum which might be out of date tomorrow.

In a forum wiki, it should be more about general concepts, ideas, which have a certain general validity (over time and over different providers).


I agree until you need to compare stuff and there isn’t an article on moneyland. :slight_smile:
Sometimes a summary is needed though, otherwise the whole MP blog wouldn’t be necessary.

I think large threads make it easier to find individual posts but at least for me it also makes it much harder to get a good overview on a specific topic.
Large threads wander back and forth from the original question and/or the new questions raised within them. This makes it hard to get a coherent view of the opinions on a specific subject before the thread jumps to something else and then gets back to the previous point.