All about Revolut

FYI - Revolut ( is back in business in Switzerland and supports CHF balances now

Main feature: free virtual disposable MasterCard’s, and optionally a physical one (for a small delivery charge now), with practically markup-free currency conversions.

Great for shopping abroad - no ripoff conversion rates, no hideous swiss 1.75% fee for abroad transactions without conversion

Top up in euros via SEPA transfer is free


I don’t suppose there’s a magical CH IBAN for Revolut, is there?

No, their bank is Lloyd’s which is not registered on

So CHF transfers are going to cost a little. I’ve sent a trial payment from PF, will report how much of it goes missing when it arrives

So I’ve tried 1000 Fr transfer from PostFinance. Transfer took 2 days between debit and credit and 8 Fr disappered on arrival + 2 Fr postfinance separate own charge on top - a total of 10 Fr or a 1% loss.

I’ll stick with SEPA next time. It’s free and 1 day faster.


How did you do the transfer? SHA, BEN or OUR?

I was going to do a test myself, but I don’t really have a need for a Revolut account right now. It would have been great when I went to Japan a month ago, but they didn’t ship cards to swiss customers then. :cry:

SHA, but it’s hardly an important detail. Difference between SHA and BEN is only where 2 CHF fee will get deducted. OUR is always expensive and only for cases when you need an exact amount to arrive at destination

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The problem with SEPA is you are stuck with EUR as base currency for Revolut. The benefit of providing CHF as base is lost.

I wish they provided local CH IBAN, t would have been really revolutionary.


Do you mean you can transfer money from PF to Revolut for free with SEPA?! But in Euro right?

Thank you!! Revolut seems interesting.

Yes, SEPA is free at PF. And yes, it’s for euros only, the name is the game: Single Euro Payment Area.

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I must say I really like the app they have. Realtime transactions notifications, instant blocking/unblocking, spending limits, disposable virtual cards - this is pretty awesome and something even good money can’t buy at any serious bank, which all techonologically seem to be stuck in 80-90s, at least in Switzerland.

I just ditched a dubious recurring charge because i had a spending limit set :slight_smile:

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In FAQ, they are mentionning a 1% fee on credit transaction

Yes, that’s if you charge your account with a credit card, but you can do a bank transfer. The card itself is a debit card.

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Maybe I missed a point somewhere since the discussion is spread on many threads… but… Revolut has a UK account and IB as well. What if we load CHF on IB and then send them directly to Revolut? Is it going to be free as well? (always CHF)

I am trying this. Unfortunately I have to way 3 days after I deposit money on IB before I can withdraw them.

Does not seem to work:

The Cashiering Department was not able to process your withdrawal request because it appears that you would like to transfer funds to an account number at a payment processor. Please note that you must send funds to a bank account in your own name that is not at a payment processor.

Please enter in withdrawal instructions that will send funds to a bank account in the same name as the Interactive Brokers account title.

Can I ask if your base currency is in CHF, whether it is possible to withdraw Euros from an ATM (such as UBS) while within Switzerland? Or is the only option to withdraw Euros from within the Eurozone? Thx

What do you mean that the base currency is CHF? You mean that you have CHF on your Revolut account and not Euros? This does not make any difference. Revolut takes money from the account of the currency being requested, and if there is not enough, it automatically converts the money on a different account, which has enough money.

I have never withdrawn euros in Switzerland, but I don’t see why it should not be possible. Depending on country and ATM owner, there can sometimes be an ATM charge.

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I have seen a Credit Swiss ATM which only allows EUR withdrawals from Credit Suisse customers.

I’ve heard of some swiss banks not letting foreigners withdraw euros from their euro denominated cards - the ATM would simply not show such a option if presented with a foreign card, extorting currency conversion markups from tourists. But to extort your own customers? That’s new

I was unclear. Everybody could withdraw CHF while for EUR withdrawals a CS card was necessary