Mustachian phone plan

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good mustachian phone plan.

I am looking for a decent amount of data – I currently have 1.5 GB and sometimes reach the limit, so I would not like to go below this. I do not need minutes/SMS at all.

Any suggestions? Currently, my preferred option is the “Basic” plan from Salt. They offer 1.5 GB for 19 CHF per month.

Thanks for any tips!

I have the Salt Plus Swiss for 29 per month. It normally costs 59, but from time to time they make a 50% drop in price. Swiss Plus means unlimited Internet in Switzerland and 200 MB monthly roaming. Recently they even wanted to sell me Plus Europe for 49 (standard price 89), but I decided I didn’t need it. I also have a second SIM card, which I use for home Internet, for 10 per month.

I guess the standard 59 price is only for suckers.

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watch out on christmas, then (especially salt) puts down the big discounts. I got the smart-swiss with unlimited calls, SMS & data in switzerland for CHF 20/month. however data and calls outside of switzerland are crazy expensive such that i already few times paid significantly more. i didnt look at this when i bought it, shame on me.

Go Yallo (ran on Sunrise network).
Now (and very often, practically constantly) have promotions on all plans + usually no contractual length commitment.
You can get data flat CH + 200MB/month roaming for 29CHF/month. (yallo fat)


I’m using CoopMobile - annoying thing is that I have buy top-ups in Coop, but it’s very cheap - I pay 5 chf for 500 mb data package.

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Salt is offering the Plus Swiss right now, but it’s valid only for 2 years. After that I’m not sure if you can renew it.
I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to try a “second hand” company but yallo should be basically sunrise.

You should check the extra, like roaming plan when you are abroad (but I strongly suggest either to stop calling around while on holiday OR just buy a local sim).

There are also those other provider that works with foreign sim cards(lycamobile , lebara). Those have better prices BUT the sim will always look like it’s on roaming mode. Not nice.

I haven’t tried Das Abo from swiss post, but it looks like a nice idea.
edit: das abo uses Salt, but with better rates.

I don’t get it why would somebody go for Yallo if they can have Salt for the same price.

I’m pretty sure they will renew it at the same condiitons. Even if they didn’t, I’m sure they will offer the same deal many times within these two years, so you can just renew it before the 2 years run out. Just think about it: they know that you are a customer who will not pay more than 29, so if they hit you with a double price, you will go away. They charge suckers with 59, and the ones who don’t want to pay that much can get a reduction.

I can even tell you that I called Salt and they offered the 29 CHF deal to my girlfriend, even though officially there was no promotion at that time. (it was like 1 week later)

It’s common practice in marketing to try to sell to the customer at the maximum price he is willing to pay. So the official price is high, but if you look for ways to get it cheaper, you will find them.

Yeah I agree.
I know that, I have to renew my cablecom internet at the end of the year and I plan to call them again to see if they offer me again a special discount. I don’t want to pass to salt, since I have to move around stuff to make space for their modem and also I don’t particularly like using Apple’s solution (hello privacy). Right now I pay 2 chf more per month to avoid moving stuff around ehhehe :slight_smile:
(+ Wifree, which is also a nice addon that only cablecom offers)

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I am currently on Salt’s basic plan (with 1.5 gb data) that i got at a 50% discount, so i only pay 10chf. I was thinking they would not renew it under the same conditions, but i guess I can try that. If i can keep this plan, i definitely will!

I was wondering about those providers like yallo that use the network from other firms. Do they really offer the same quality connection as the original network? Or are you throttled, so that the original network users have priority?

In my case - because Salt are ******* and explicitly don’t include my country (Croatia) in the list of supported international calls.
Even for the same price I would not take them versus others, just for that reason (principle). :slight_smile:

Another one - 0 months (Yallo) vs 24 months (Salt) binding contract.

At least those were the facts when I was choosing.

Care to explain why Salt is startstartstar? :slight_smile:
I mean, I get the Croatia thing, but other than that?

In my case they were pretty big dicks about the auto renewal (witch coming from sunrise I was not used to anymore) and it was just overall subjectively a worse experience than I had wit the other two providers.

Also they have objectively the worst network in Switzerland (still pretty good compared to other countries) and it also subjectively felt the worst because they did not have coverage exactly where I needed it most.

In my personal opinion I would prefer using the swiscom or sunrise network over salt.

They would have to make me a very good offer for me to take a 24month binding contract.

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My experience with Salt:

  • I had a problem with them where I ended up with two salt contracts. Basically they called me two my existing Salt number with an offer which I took and it ended up being a new contract separate from the existing one. I guess this is partly my fault, but common they called me to my Salt number making an offer, it didn’t cross my mind (nor was it mentioned by the salesman) that this wouldn’t be for my existing contract. Resolving this took weeks of being sent to Salt stores and calling many many times, plus a nice 100 CHF fee :smiley:

  • In general not very good customer support in my opinion.

  • I moved apartments and they have horrible coverage here, and I know that at least Swisscom has good coverage here.

I will definitely be moving to a different carrier when my contract ends.

btw we forgot cablecom
If you have already their internet it’s kind of enticing.

I recently changed to M-Budget Mobile after being a die-hard Swisscom mobile customer for 18 years (woops). I have a mobile phone paid by work, so this is for my private mobile phone, which I use infrequently, but still want to keep as I like to switch off my work phone during my time off.

M-budget uses the Swisscom network, which is great. I chose the Mini plan for 19CHF/month. Any unused data gets “paid” back in Cumulus points 2x.

My change due date is in October, so I’ll let you know how it works.

i had this before my salt abo for the same price. thought i needed more data. now i keep paying redicoulous fares for 0:04 “not available” calls to outside CH :joy:
once the 2 years contract is over, i will instantly swich back to mbudget, unless something else attractive pops up in the mean time

…speaking of that, anyon interested?
Salt Smart Swiss
unlimited calls sms & data in CH
CHF 60/m, usually discounted to 30/m, and during christmas (i got that) 20/m. contract to february 2020


Oh for me it was purely for that :smiley:.
But now I see others have had bad experiences (which probably happens to others with other providers as well, to smaller or larger extent, so nothing rock-solid to base evaluation on).
This website allows to mix and match prepaid offers + bonus. Apparently if you update your phone on wifi and don’t call much, you can go as low as 20chf per month.

Also check They use Swisscom’s net and have an interesting offer for 25. 1Gb of data. Each Gb is 5chf per month more. Not bad. (also 1gb EU/US)

You can get cheaper deals on Black Friday (next should be 30/11/2018). I got mine from Yallo on that day, at half price.

I took a somewhat different route to what is exposed in this thread, taking advantage of QoQa’s subscription to Sunrise Freedom. For 55.-/month, you get unlimited everything in Switzerland and unlimited calls/SMS + 4 GB of data in North America, Europe and a few other countries, and a second SIM card.

The second SIM card is now comfortably installed in a 4G router I use at home for my Internet connection. This way, those 55.-/month are my only communications expense. No ADSL or cable.

You have to watch out for this promotion from QoQa. It comes only once per year, around December usually.

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