Want a cheaper Internet Provider. Your advice please?

Hi all, I have decided to change my internet provider because I’m paying too much every Month.
I don’t want a Hotspot 4G+.
I’m looking for a new internet provider, with High Speed and TV. I’ve seen the offer from SALT (39 chf) and Wingo (54 chf).
Which one do you have? Would you recommend it?

Thank you, KCD

Local cable company: 50Mbps down/10Mbps up @ CHF 28.32/month. Basic cable fees through landlord. No frills. Would recommend.

Fiber7. If you consider that you won’t need to pay for the old traditional cable plug, it can be comparably cheap, and you get symmetric gigabit.

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I’m using Wingo, but without the TV. They often have discounts so the price always ends up being lower than what they advertise, and you can sign into the new discounts even if you already have a contract.

Also, I cancelled immediately the cable connection when I moved in my flat, so no fees on this side.

Salt seems cheaper if you have a mobile contract with them, otherwise quite similar to Wingo.

I am with UPC, currently paying 39CHF/month (next 2 years) for 600/60 mbps down/up + basic TV.
Fetched it during the promo, which was essentially only for new customers - but I gave them a call and they applied it to my existing account.

Unfortunately not many other providers are available (at any better speed, let alone fiber) at my old building’s location.
So I am content. :slight_smile:

I like the way you think, sir :slight_smile:
Have done exactly the same as I am doing this UPC call on a yearly basis renegotiating based on their current offers and threatening to change the provider - works like a charm every single time.

As @Neville I am a happy customer of INIT7. No bullshit FTTH provider. TV is also included now that they offer playback as well I couldn’t be any happier. There is also a affiliate Programm where you get 111.- off of hardware if you need it.

Are you guys satisfied with their service? Do you get the 600/60 mbps speed as expected? Did you experience any instability?

Am quite curious with UPC since I only have a poor copper connexion (70Mbps) in my building and no fiber available. But I’ve heard that one might not get the speed we pay for if others persons in your building are also UPC customers.

I guess that holds for any provider, and it’s just about the physics of the installations; but I am no expert. :slight_smile:

It hasn’t been bulletproof, i.e. not a constant near-600 download, but it is satisfactory for my needs (web, Youtube, Netflix, some online PS Plus).
Example now - 4 devices connected (2 laptops, 2 mobile phones - one laptop VPN-ed doing a video call); mobile speedtest reads 211/54.

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I can recommend Qoqa’s Sunrise offer. They have one or two per year, usually 29.- / month. The provided router is good, and I get the advertised maximum speed (will be fiber if your building supports it). Haven’t encountered any issue so far.

Providing your location will help. Some less known and local providers might be available to you. In Geneva, there’s Naxoo. If you don’t need a lot of speed (10 Mbit/s), you get the complete package (TV + Internet + Landline) for less than 30 CHF.

I’m with Sunrise, and despite their shady business practices, I’m quite happy with them. I signed up for a 6 months free when i commit to staying 12 months (50 Mbit for 45 Month). In the end, they gave me 9 months for free (so that turned out (45 * 3)/12 = 11.25 CHF per month) Two months before my contract ended, I called them to cancel and they offered me 1 Gbit/s for 35 CHF with a one year commitment. They said I should call to renew the offer yearly. Never had any issues with their service. Just prepare yourself to call them and their deals can be sweet.

If you’re patient, check out preispirat. They post good internet deals every so often and they will do the bargain hunting for you.

If you need flexibility, check on monzoon. It’s prepaid Internet. It might not be the cheapest, but if you’re away often and plan for times when you don’t need it, it can be quite cheap. I checked them out years back, everything worked reliably.

Iway.ch seems to be pretty cheap too, don’t have any experience with them.

I’m currently with the not so affordable WWZ/Quickline combo for 89.- CHF/month for 1Gbit/s / 100Mbit/s. If the architect of our building had a fucking clue about FTTH I would probably go with iway.ch or Salt for their 10Gbit/s offerings (however I’m kind of a power user / nerd with 10Gbit/s home networking…).

Have a look to this comparator !

I live in Lausanne. Thank you all. I will check your recommanded options. I am still wondering though why no one is using Salt as they seem cheaper than many of the others… I will let you know which one I choose!

Coax Cable (e. g. UPC) is a shared medium. DSL is dedicatd from your home until a certain point and then shared as well. FttH depening on the architecture is shared, e. g. Salt, Swisscom.
Therefore you will in general always have to share the bandwith with others unless you ask for a fully dedicated connection which is usually only required for certain business purposes


Just looked it up, how is it you pay CHF 28.32/month, is it a special offer? On their website, the cheapest ist CHF 39/month Internet @home - Surfen Sie mit dem schnellsten Kabelnetz der Schweiz (sasag.ch)

I have Green for home internet for CHF 35 /month. They did offer the CHF 70 or so of starting costs if subscription for min 24 month.

See above: “Basic cable fees through landlord”. I have the 54 CHF/month “start” subscription. Each months there is a 25.69 CHF deduction for the basic cable fees paid by/via the landlord (me in the end).

They used to advertise it for 29.90 CHF/month (and maybe something to the effect of "basic cable required in fine print). Don’t know why they changed their pricing display like this. But I’m now effectively paying 1.58 CHF less each month.

So you are actually paying 54.-

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Yes, since I do pay for (required) basic cable line. A few years ago, when I moved into my flat, you couldn’t get unbundled cable internet and/or fiber. Admittedly, unbundled DSL and/or cable seems to have become broadly available over the last couple of years, from what I am seeing now. I might have been a bit behind the curve there, I guess. :wink: I haven’t looked much into it, because in my case, I don’t think I have a choice anyway:

  • There’s no phone line to my flat
  • There’s no fiber to the home either
  • The local company is the only available cable internet, from what I can see

Also, I’ve not had great experience with DSL over copper anyways, cable internet has been more reliable.

On the flip side, I am getting free cable TV (DVC-C), which I can legally record, save, archive - and watch anytime, anywhere. With skipping the commercials.

Fiber7 includes TV streaming over IP. But no recording facility or skipping the commercials, if I’m correctly understanding their web site. Wingo seems to be 49 CHF + 5 for TV. Though you’re locked into their system, I suppose? Same for Salt Fiber, I think? It’s tempting for the speed, but unavailable at my location anyway.

You can now skip commercials for broadcasts that lie in the past (replay). But you are not able to pause current broadcasts and skip back some seconds.

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