[Guidepost] to the Swiss Mustachian Investment Forum

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you are probably here because you are looking for some badass knowledge to skyrocket your investment! This one should get you started, giving you an overview on the content of this awesome forum!

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Mustachian Portfolios that the forum users like / use
List of ETFs & Funds often used by the users of this forum, being considered “mustachian choice”
@nugget’s Guide to the Swiss Pillar 3a from a mustachian point of view
How to calculate your AHV first pillar’s pension
Currency Exchange CHF to EUR
another CHF to USD thread
Buying VWRD at different exchanges
On the 4% SWR in switzerland
Cyber security with online brokers
@nugget’s crash course on mustachian investing
Julianek’s Guide to good countries for FI

@nugget’s Guide to tax optimisation for (international) ETF investing
@nugget’s Guide to Swiss Taxation, income Tax focused
Thread on US specific Estate (Inheritance) Tax and the supposedly solution to this issue
US vs. IE-based ETFs

#Non-Indexing investment strategies
@Julianek’s Guide to Net-Nets
The 300-SMA rule
Digital Real Estate

#Broker / Robo-Advisor

Details on considered brokers
More discussion on Brokers
Interactive Broker experiences
transferring CHF to IB with no fees

#Anti-Mustachian stuff
Thread on how nugget lost CHF 2500 on a life insurance
The Swiss Antimustachian-Wall-of-Shame-and-Comedy

For IT-Guys:
Real time market data

#Real estate
@ElMago’s case
Discussion on swiss real estate

External links

The ultimate Guide to Safe Withdrawal Rates

#Wishlist for the future
Guide to the differences and consequences of ETF domicile and Broker domicile: CH, LU, UK, IE, US
Knowledgebase on Pillar 1&2
Guide to Broker choice as a Swiss investor
Detailed description of the VWRL vs. VT vs. IWDA
systematic collection of hidden fees: wire transfer fees, exchange fees,… of the different banks