How to make info in the forum easier to find

over and over the same questions and answers… cant we find a central point/ thread/ place in this forum for this? like a FAQ? any ideas? best i had so far was the (wiki-editable) guidepost


A FAQ thread- one question one post one (consize) answer? We could link to the respective post and be helpful. A Mustachian Hive of Experience…

ok ok ok… I got your point, I shall refrain from asking any such obviously stupid questions :frowning:

how dare I as a simple human being take my freedom to just join this elite forum of highly elaborate and intelligent, brave and honourable people and dirsturb you in your hi-life, sorry, i shall be quiet now, understood! good bye, you shall no longer hear from me, no problem. have fun

That was not my point. No sarkasm intended.
When a question comes up again and again (as @nugget said), then it’s obviously a good one. Brokers have already been discussed in this forum, but it’s distributed and obviously not so easy to find.

you got something wrong. my comment was about the forum, not you. no problem asking questions. it’s more a problem of the architecture of this forum.

please, take all your freedom and continue asking questinos!

this pinpoints the major problem of this forum: stuff becomes lost / unfindable, with no value of future readers unless the read through everything

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Or positively formulated: There are really exceptional analysis / answers in the forum that cannot be replicated off the cuff and deserve to be better accessible as starting points. (I say the same thing as you.)

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You should not take this so personally. I assure you if you were in our place, you would feel exactly the same as us. When I joined in, I was also asking this question. I guess back then the guys were not yet tired enough of answering it again and again. And I understand your position, because even with the search function, it is not so easy to find answers. Even if I wanted to point you to the posts which were answering your question, I would have to spend a lot of time digging through the archives.

In the end, we are just a group of casual people who are not getting paid by anyone, and with this attitude, you’re not increasing the chances of getting an answer.

I’m not going to do the digging for you, but what you can do, is go to top topics sorted by replies, and start reading threads related to IB or CT. For example:

I’m pretty sure, once you’ve read all these threads, your question will be answered.


thx for the links @Bojack, I did after asking read through more threads already indeed. sorry for my stupid question and for all the trouble!

Just to answer about the forum :
As a moderator i am aware that good quality posts tend to get lost with time. The big limitation of the forum engine is its pinning system. Once a thread is pinned, for a given user it will be shown as pinned only the first time the user visits the forum.

If I put myself in the shoes of a new member discovering mustachianism, the steps would be in this order :
1- i have to learn how to save money
2- i have to learn how to invest money
3- once i know what to invest in, what are the practical details? i.e which brokers, which all world ETF, and so on

Issue is, when the newcomer is at step 3, he has already spent some time on the forum and all the pinned topics on brokers are already not showing anymore due to the forum engine.

I will spend time to see if we can tackle this issue, but this is the main pain-point since the forum inception…

@nugget : if you log out, you will see that your thread “guidepost to the forum” is among the the first to be shown. Problem is, the forum engine thinks that once the user is here for some time, there is no need showing it as pinned.

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The mentionned order makes sense. At the same time, people come with all sorts of questions and might be on a different tangent. @nugget tried to create a “table of content” for good stuff (guidepost). I would be ready to create a number of FAQ posts, summarizing the good stuff - if this is what people want. With the goal of starting this whole process and working out some standards together.

How, by whom and where this FAQ would be posted in the end is also to be determined (thread, subfolder, wiki…).

Are you sure it works like this? I remember when you started pinning some topics, I was annoyed, because they would appear by each visit. And this reminded me of the old PHPBB forums, where half of the screen is always covered by the same pinned topics, which do not interest you, and you have to scroll down.

So I found the option in the settings: “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom”, and indeed, when I scroll down to the bottom of the topic, then it is no longer in the top, which I find cool. I’ve read it, so I don’t need to see it. Wouldn’t like for this to change.

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it takes 2 minutes to install a simple wikimedia/wikipedia (or whatever they are called) site.
The problem is how to make it visible from the forum.

There will always be a problem with a forum, since the information is not correctly categorized. I might get Nugged opinion about IB at one point by reading a random post about an ETF and then miss that he later changed his mind about it on another. Or read it upside down if I don’t check the timeline.

It is possible to create wiki-like open for edits posts in this forum engine, for example check out the thread with books recommendations:

I think a separated wiki would be better. The wiki would be the central place for information, and the forum would still be here for discussion.

Another possibility could be having a new forum category Wiki with all (and only) FIRE wiki posts.


A wiki like this would probably have to be hosted outside of this forum. And people would have to have their logins there and maintain it. Let’s be realistic, there are not enough of us to need a separate wiki site. If this forum has a wiki functionality then let’s use it. Let’s see how it goes, if really anybody cares enough to organize our knowledge. If it proves to be too limited for our needs, then we can easily port it.

Your second idea I like more.

But honestly, let’s start small. I would like to see one wiki FAQ post answering top 5 questions. That would solve the problem for now.


Let’s make a poll:

  • Separate wiki site
  • Forum posts-based wiki (wiki threads)

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I also like a lot Sparrow second option. That way pinned topics will not disappear in the limbos of the forum once read and would be easier to retrieve.


It looks like voters would prefer Wiki Posts IN the forum.
For this, I agree that to keep it easier to find we should have a new category in the forum, as @sparrow suggested.

@_MP : what are your thoughts about it? Can you create such a new section?

Hey there,

Thank you @Julianek for pinging me. I will create such a section right now.
Hopefully such Wiki/FAQ helps the newcomers!

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