Want a cheaper Internet Provider. Your advice please?

one more vote for Init7 / Fiber7. They are not the cheapest, but by far the coolest provider in CH. No BS, free hardware choice and you ACTUALLY GET the promised speeds at all times (because they dont share your bandwith with 31 other clients sitting on the same 10G uplink like Sunrise, Swisscom, etc.)


@Ardius , are you using Wingo for internet? Are you happy with them? I am movine soon, currently have Salt Home for 49.-/month , quite happy with them, unfortunately not available at the new adress. However Wingo is available. Your feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

@kane I will look into Init7/Fiber, although a bit more expensive than my current Salt Fiber connection, I wouldnt mind the up price if it is to have a constant high bandwidth, they are also available at my new address

I am using Wingo for mobile and I am very happy.
Several of my friends use Wingo as internet for home and TV and are very happy too.
Swisscom quality, Wingo price.

PM me if you want a refferal !

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What about Salt Surf? Unlimited 5G for CHF 17.5.

No TV included, but in times of Netflix and Youtube, this should be ok.

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With that you mean I should just use a device (mobile or tablet)'s hotspot?
It could be an option, but I am not sure how strong the 5G signal is at the new place, will keep that in mind though!

They will provide you with a 5G portable modem you can leave at home. Unless you live in super rural areas or have 5 people in your household, the speed should is fine. You can check on their website for network coverage.

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I am not in super rural area but network is very bad.

Be careful with coverage map which is not true in reality.

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that’s not entirely true. at some point in the network all traffic is shared and at what point of the network that will happen depends on the topology of the network (at least the access part or last mile however you want to name it). the topology of that access part is always the same for all fiber providers

Technically you are correct - yes, there is a shared switch placed by Init7 in the so called PoP (point of presence, distribution switchboard in your local town or city district) which is in turn connected with a minimum of 100 Gbit/s to the IP backbone/datacenter of Init7.

The difference is that Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise, etc. use the 10G-PON standard, where a 10 Gbit/s fibre is then shared between 32 clients in the local PoP.

Anecdotally you typically almost always get the full 1 Gbit/s with Init7, whilst the other providers are pretty far from that.

edit: source on Init7 100 Gbit/s PoP infra, activate “nerdmode”


I also like Fiber7.

But if you want to watch linear TV and you need multicast it’s somewhat frustrating that they’ve been having issues in Zurich, Basel and Luzern for over a year and really don’t seem to care: The ticket has been open for over a year now.

are you sure? i thought it is as follows: A fiber network which is build in a point to point topology (meaning from PoP there is one dedicated fiber to every home) can be operated with 10GPON technology but still every home has its dedicated line. and almost all FTTH in switzerland is build in point to point. only recently swisscom switched to a point to multipoint topology for newly build FTTH. however they stopped the rollout due to an ongoing WEKO trail.

I think the issue here is Swisscoms FTTS/FTTC rollout. Where they have a Fibre to Copper converter element in the streets/neighborhood distribution units. Those lines can not be easily rented out and therefore give Swisscom leverage to ask horrendous prices and keep internet speeds low.

What about this offer:

Any experience? Seems a good offer

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@Giff has already mentioned it in Internet advice - #12 by Giff

I’ve ordered it. Seems like an exceptionally good offer, especially as it’s a lifetime discount. And I don’t have Fiber available at my place anyway, so cable is the best possible connection.

I went for it, it‘s a third of what I‘m paying now for just internet. Might make a bit of money selling the old router as well, don‘t expect the current provider to ask for it back.

Barely used TV in all my offers, and even if I did, 90% of it was in replay, however I might just stick to Netflix and use the RTS player for certain sports events after these upcoming news:

  • TV consortium : Guys, we need more money and audience, what do you propose ?
  • Random guy : What about raising our price about “replay”, we could earn a lot shit of money !
  • TV consortium : This is a great idea ! Raised his salary.
  • Smart random guy : Do we not shoot ourself by doing this ? Because people will just get rid of taking a TV subscription from their provider ?
  • TV consortium : You are stupid, this will never happens !

Cough cough cough


If you plan to change your internet subscription to Salt, make sure you order it from the day BEFORE you’ll really need it because they will only enable your connection between 16:00 and 24:00 of the first day of subscription (which I suppose one pays in full though).

All Sunrise Internet subscriptions are currently CHF 29/month. Speed is either 100 Mbit/s, 500 Mbit/s or 10 Gbit/s.

Does anybody know the expiry date of that offer?
What is the experience with Sunrise DSL? Uptime? Latency?

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