Want a cheaper Internet Provider. Your advice please?

Yes you´re right, for customers 39. But anyway with mobiles we are already on Yallo. For us TV is not really interesting. Just watching Netflix, but when it´s in the package we will take it. Not decided right now. Maybe we are using mobile. Performance pretty fine here in Bern. 4g+ is giving 300 MB UL and 60 DL…

Also from Bern, also already Yallo mobile and Yallo4g Home. I did switch to Yallo Fiber last week and so far, so good :slight_smile:

how is the performance with 10G?

Only using it for a few days, but overall im rather happy with it. I never had the illusion they ll reach 10 Gbits and I also dont need that. For now, i have not done a hardwired test, but did a speedtest on my mobile and laptop (in the same room as the router) and came to 700-800 mbps download and 900mbps upload. I guess more should be possible when hardwired to a pc/laptop.

thats more what i got with 1GB line from upc. roughly ~300-400 mb.
Sounds not bad either …

My vote for INIT7, they are not the cheapest possible, but the reliability is outstanding. I have had them now for past 2 years and have never had any issues with them. This has especially been important now that we have been in home office for the past year. In comparison I just spent some time at my girlfriends place and there was some issues with her internet (I don’t know what provider she has) and just the few days were enough to reaffirm that reliable internet is something that is worth the 100-200 chf per year more compared to the cheapest option.

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That’s very anecdotal though. I had less outages with UPC over 9 years (I think 2 times) than my colleagues had with Init7 (I think more than one in the past year).

I have solnet. 39.-/month for 1gbit/s if paid yearly They even upgraded me from 100mbit/s when a new offer was available for new customers (without me asking). Slow answer from customer support when I had a non urgent question recently.

I got Wingo for 39.- 1 GBit Up/Down (real speed is about 950 MBit/s Up/Down connected by ethernet). I used INIT7 for two years and didn’t like it. I didn’t get the advertised speeds and they were no help. I had to pay > 300 CHF, I think, to get it set up (buying their router was > 200 and get it activated > 100). What made me jump to someone else finally is that they wanted the setup fee of 155 CHF again when I moved flats!

Be aware that Salt (Hallo as well I think) uses CGNAT which is a major pain in the ass to deal with. And they don’t let you use your own router if that’s something important to you.

My kanton has a municipal fiber network and they have a website where you can compare all offers. I went with gga maur whcih has no contract, 49.- a month for synetrical gigabit, gave me a free wifi thing that I sold for 70.- when I signed up, free modem (that I ditched for my own router), no contract, no cancelation fee, and a 59.- voucher to spend at participating stores and restaurants in the city.

They have the occasional 30 seconds hiccup but otherwise no problem and their routing is pretty decent.

Swisscom sometimes has promos but only for a year after, which they double your price and they won’t negotiate, they prefer you cancel and leave (morons)

TV is a ripoff in my opinion. It’s the moneymaker for providers so they charge you through the nose. Content is crappy, quality is terrible, riddled with ads, and you can download any show or movies ever made on your own (torrent, Usenet…) Any plan I looked that which included tv cost at least 50% more than without tv.

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Could you quickly explain why CGNAT is a major pain? I’ve tried to find more info and I am not sure why it would be so bad… thanks

CGNAT is carrier grade NAT. What this means is that the carrier is too cheap to buy enough IP addresses so that each customer can have their own. Instead, they only buy a few and share them amongst all the customers.

So in practice, many customers share the same public IP and it makes things like VoIP, gaming, hosting a server, etc very complicated or impossible.

It’s similar to when you have a local network but only one public IP and your devices have trouble being reachable from the internet. Except that with CGNAT, you still have this local network thing at your house and on top of that the internet provider does something like that as well. So in a way you’re behind two sets of private networks instead of just one.


CGNAT is inevitable, the question is whether it supports IPv6.

It is far from inevitable. Only the cheaper/lower quality providers do CGNAT, all others give you your own (dynamic) /32 IPv4

IMO it’s more related to how old an ISP is and whether they got large blocks for free or cheap 20y ago.

I bet if swisscom didn’t have their legacy allocations they would cgnat as well.

Maybe. But it’s also not like you couldn’t buy IP blocks after the fact. Whatever the reason, providers who use CGNAT should have to disclose it because it has an impact on the service and gives you less than you think you’re paying for. It’s deceptive. My current carrier isn’t Swisscom and they don’t do CGNAT, there are options.

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The only CGNAT provider I know is Salt and even they offer public IPv4 addresses for 5.-/month as an option.

Hi, I understood that you have Salt as Internet provider. Would you recommand it despite the CGNAT? thanks

Anybody using it and can recommend for/against it? My other option ATM is Salt.