Want a cheaper Internet Provider. Your advice please?

If you can wait, the Qoqa offer is usually nicer (and not time limited).

Ok.I will wait and check the Qoqa Daily offers. Hopefully others will also post once the offer is on. Here are the dates and details of the earlier ones QoQa

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29 Fr ? When I click the link it shows 39 Fr.

They had the same offer on Black Friday. I signed up in Nov for it to start in Feb when my prior contract ended.

We have copper wire connection I am getting 98 Mbps now which is enough for me

Tip 1: If you use Rabatt corner you should get 40 CHF cashback
Tip 2: I see there is a referral program on Sunrise page “recommend Sunrise”. For internet + tv the reward is 75 CHF. In the Q&A it says you do not need to be a sunrise customer - perhaps your girlfriend etc. can refer you? Seems too good to be true…

The CHF 39 is for internet and TV. If you scroll down you will see the CHF 29 for internet only.

The promotion is valid for 12 months, while the minimal contract duration is 24 months. The costs for month 13 to 24 are at least CHF 55, thus not so competitive anymore. :frowning_face:



They are doing the same as Swisscom… I’ve taken a Wingo offer with illimited talk and data in Switzerland, in addition of 1 GB in Europe for 24.95 last week.

Currently there is a similar offer on Wingo :wink:

The Black Friday offer I took from sunrise was 24 months @39 fr incl tv up to 500 Mbps. I seem to get max 100 Mbps on copper wire network

Prices seem to be coming down

Hi guys,

moving forr job change, and no more glassfiber available at the new place.

So I am looking for a combo mobile phone + 4g router now, but still wondering on some stuff.

Main usage : TV (Netflix/youtube etc.), and some downloads (up to 50 gb, but I do not mind if it takes a night)

So 4g routers are limited to 150 Mb/s download. Seems pretty low to me, but it should be fine for UHD TV, right ? Honestly I just feel 5g routers are still too expensive (starting from 400 CHF if I got it right). Would you agree on that ?

Now about offers, the best I could find is the digitec connect offer. 20 CHF/month full talk and mobile data without activation cost +5 CHF for a second sim. Offer is a prepaid for 24 months in advance. Is anyone aware of a better offer ?

Finally, can anyone recommend a good site to check mobile coverage ?

Be careful with “unlimited” data on data sim which is often limited to fair usage and could surprise you with limited speed when you reach a certain amount of gb downloaded.

Yallo has a cable offer with TV if you have UPC network. But there is 24 months contract.

Best option to check internet coverage is to test with a prepaid sim, especially in the evening when everyone is at home
Websites are marketing.

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Why not a cable connection?
I would avoid 4g for home unless you are 100% sure the signal is strong inside the house.

Could be on par re. costs, with a more stable (and likely more performant) connection.

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Thanks for your answers.

Why not cable : merely cost reason (minimum was about 35 CHF just for internet), here I can get mobile for my wife + internet for 25 CHF/month + the cost of a modem (about 100 CHF for a 4g modem).

According to digitec connect website, there is no Drosselung and same priorisation than direct Sunrise clients (I am also not planning to use 500 GB per month :slight_smile: )

Got sunrise from office as well, will test before order.

I used Lebara 4G for 19 CHF per month with an ASUS 4G Router and it worked fine for 2 people with Netflix, Home Office, regular usage etc. Unfortunately the offer is not available at the moment and the price is back at 39 CHF per month. But generally, for me it worked very well. Only occasionally on rainy days the latency was a bit high but it was really rare.

I tested this setup for about 6-9 months but still kept my VDSL as a backup. In the end, I went back to VDSL and now Cable because I had troubles with the ASUS Router (4G modem got stuck every 1-2 weeks and then the router had to be rebooted) and I didn’t want to buy a new one for 300 CHF and there weren’t many alternatives with strong antennas.

So, if you find a router that works well, the setup works great and it’s cheap.

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I setup this exact setup at a friends place but with a TP-Link Archer MR400 router and it works since over a year without a problem.

I am pretty sold for the mobile router. If connection is good with Sunrise at the new place, I will certainly go for it. Like for Netflix Ultra HD you need about 25 MB/s, so should be no issue.

The big question which remains for me is how much I should spend for a router. Range is from about 100 CHF to over 500 CHF.

This would be the lower range I am looking at, and basically what I need now. Question is how much more should I pay to take into account use evolution or not.

I’m using such a setup with Lebara 10.-/month and a netgear nighthawk. It’s enough for VPN and calls in home office for me.

Make sure to try it in the evening. In my experience the connection during the day is very good (50-100 mbits), and then in the evening it falls down to maybe 2-3 mbits with high ping.

Sure, basically moving in next week and the offer of digitec stands until april 10th, so plenty of time.
Will just run the TV on the mobile hotspot, knowing that an external antenna should have better results.

I Switched to Wingo for Internet Plus (1 Gbit/s, CHF 49 per month) +TV (very basic, CHF 5 per month), and for my personal mobile with Fair Flat (CHF 25 per month). With Wingo Combi I’m essentially getting my base Fair Flat plan for free for 2 years.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the setup. I truly get close to 1 Gbit with wire (and 600-700 Mbit/s somehow via wireless). I’ve heard of very poor latency from friends living in Lausanne/Geneva with Salt Fiber, pure marketing I believe… The quality of the mobile service is also virtually best there is, as using Swisscom’s network.

I also appreciate the no strings attached contract with ability to switch whenever I feel quality/price is no longer there. In addition, they often have cool offers like the special combi deal I have.

The only down side quality-wise, is the TV (not many features or HD channels), but we just watch standard TV for news to be honest (netflix, prime, etc for everything else).

For all those reasons, I gladly pay a few francs more than the absolute cheapest to benefit from better service and avoid contractual lock-ins.

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PS: I also bought the Swisscom WLAN Box-2 (CHF 99) to extend the wifi area coverage to a bedroom and terrace. I highly recommend it if anyone has had similar issues of poor coverage/speed far from the main router, speeds increased drastically and coverage is now full bars all over the apartment.

The offer for CHF 42 for 10 Gbit/s Internet +TV from QoQa is available until 11.4.2022, 21:59. I ordered it.