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Hey all…

I just recently cancelled my subscription with UPC-Cablecom because they didn’t wanted to offer us a good deal… the contract ends 30.09.2021.

Do you have any recommendation for a good and cheap internet provider? other options i should consider than UPC? If not, my best option would still be to use UPC again but with the name of my wife, so that I can enjoy the benefits for new customers…

TV (optional)


What speeds are you expecting? Some people are happy with a mobile hotspot, some are happy with 100 Mbit up/down, some want Gbit. Where do you live? Some providers are region specific.

I have Wingo (1 Gbit up/down) that I got for a discount (2 years 39.- a month) and I’m quite happy with that. I get almost 1 Gbit (maybe 980 Mbit) wired.

Salt, Wingo and UPC (currently) are all offering 1 Gbit (Salt even offers 10 Gbit, altough if I remember correctly it’s sort of a gimmick, maybe someone else can chime in) for 49.- currently.

Honestly - right now I only have 50mbps (lowest one on UPC), which is OK for the most part.

I guess with minimum 100mbps I would be pretty fine.

I live a little outside of zürich, zürich unterland.

If you don’t need fast Internet, you could just use your mobile phone as a hotspot with a flat-fee mobile plan. I have unlimited local calls and data for 23 francs per month (with Yallo). I use this for my mobile and home Internet (including for my home office, at the moment), and it works just fine for me. The plan also includes 1 hour of International calls within Europe and some roaming data. All in all, it hardly gets better than that (cheaper, anyway). Many mobile service providers also let you get a supplemental SIM which you can use just for your hotspot.

If you need more bandwidth and/or TV or a landline, etc. then you can use the Internet plan comparison to find the cheapest connection which meets your criteria and is available at your address:

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I thought as well about this option. Only problem - due to „minergie standart“, our windows are isolated quit well which slows down the internet connection in our flat….

I have yallo as well - do you have a second sin card? There would also be an option with salt, which would be around 17-18.- per month, even with 5g…

I’m hopping every year. Now I’m on UPC (contract closed on Black Friday, but started 2 months ago, full speed full tv for ca 49 bucks). Before that I had a max speed ADSL connection with Sunrise (just the internet for 25.-) and Teleboy for TV. Before that I had Swisscom for 2 years (special promo) and before that Sunrise Internet and TV.

Just google around (without ad blocker and facebook cookies activated) and be patient. The contract you can close up to 6 months in advance. Usually the promo is valid for 12 to 24 months. Now I set my reminder for the next Black Friday again.

Same usage for me, and i’m very happy with my apple tv and mobile hotspot from yallo. (I had trouble with yallo at the beginning cause i had yallo light but i switched to yallo swiss flat for the same price, 19.-/month and everything is fine now.)

Sunrise has some good offers. I use them and I’m a happy customer.

A potential good offer if you are covered by Sunrise 5G network !

PM for referral.

Wondering what has been your experience tethering or using mobile hotspot in terms of internet data caps? Especially for heavy consumption (streaming, Youtube, etc.).

I have used 150gb a month at wingo and salt for several years and have never heard anything. My cable connection is around 300-400gb a month but I have never used so much with mobile data so I can’t comment on that.

Yallo seems to have a good offer, too bad I just signed a contract with Salt:

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That’s a very interesting offer. I don’t suppose anyone knows whether the yallo Home Cable Box allows configuration in bridge mode such that I can use my own router for the local network.

Edit: Support says bridged mode is possible. I’ve pulled the trigger, let’s see. I’mswitching from a much more expensive regular UPC subscription.

Sorry if I arrive late to the party.

I’m currently a happy Sunrise customer who got the Qoqa offer 5 years ago and I’ve been paying 18.50 since for 1G fiber, no TV, no bridge mode possible (I have my own router behind the Sunrise one, so I do double-NAT for incoming connexions, works fine). Now, this is expiring in November so I need a plan. Yallo is also Sunrise, however I wonder: is it cgnated? Should I expect any difference in QoS prioritization? 14.50 for the same service + TV…

You will be connected to TV cable instead of Phone line with sunrise.

Yes, the new CHF 14.95 offer is based on the TV network. Downstream should also be 1 Gbit/s (the medium is shared with neighbors, though, not dedicated like fiber). However, upstream is limited to 100 Mbit/s while presumably with fiber you also had 1 Gbit/s upstream. Still fairly good overall but it’s not fiber. As per the linked press release, tomorrow yallo will offer Home Max for CHF 44/month, with up to 10 Gbit/s on fiber, in case you need more speed.

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Would have ordered immediately but not available at my address. The tv cable was built by our local energy provider who obviously has no incentive to open his network for other companies :slightly_smiling_face:.

Exactly, thanks a lot for the answer! I will hope for another Qoqa offer with Sunrise fiber then, otherwise I will reassess everything. I don’t need much but I do upstream stuff so I’m already spoiled with my symmetrical 1Gbps.

Thanks also @Ardius for the input.