Share your net worth progression

That’s true if the goal is to track investments performance.
For NW tracking (which this thread was originally about), simple snapshots are fine IMO.
(I track broker inflow in my “cash flow” sheet, where I look at expenses, savings rates etc. per month)

Maybe what you propose warrants a different “investments development” thread if there is interest?
Or we could expand here, as most already share their asset allocation too.


Overall, NW went sideways since end of 2021 (that’s not too bad, considering the 20% drop in the stock market):

Performance over time

Performance over time

The initial vesting of employee stock options kind of coincided with the downturn of the stock market, so they kind of canceled each other out.


Finally a shown development on invested stocks that is realistic for 2022.
Some of the previous uploaded diagrams were not credible in my opinion. They showed similar or increased value at the end of the year for stocks.

Earned net: 97.6k
Saved: 18.3k
Stocks: -20.4k
Networth: +38.2k

It all comes down to the apartment we bought in May 2022 (outside of the market). I used up my cash and couldn’t invest anything further till the end of the year.

You have to account for savings and additional investments. If you lost 40k on a 200k portfolio YTD but invested another 50k through the year, you’ll end up with a higher networth.


Well, the additional 50k you invested through the year 2022 would have lost in value too. Increasing the capital loss on investments even further.

The gain or loss on investments should be tracked separately from net worth anyway.


They don’t show increased value per stock. They show increased total value of stock portfolio, perfectly possible when deploying new funds/savings.

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Yes, but this is the “Share your net worth progression” thread…

Btw, here is another realistic scenario for 2022:


Your second chart seems to end in December 2021 close to the ATH… would be interesting to see the continuation into 2022.


Thanks for pointing me to this, the range was incomplete. Fixed now.

I’ve also split out employee stock option vesting, since that kind of explains why my NW didn’t drop that much with the market.
The initial vesting of employee stock options kind of coincided with the downturn of the stock market, so they kind of canceled each other out.


Thanks for your investment strategy example which proves my point that a net worth overview showing a growing stock section for 2022, as is the case with some posted views here, should be questioned. At least I would be curious to know. :wink:

Ok, I feel a little ashamed of myself - no update in two years…

Probably because the trajectory flatlined? Total net worth still around 5000.

Also, no more GOOG stock grants.

Not only that, but GOOG tanked (though I dont hold them any anymore since 2021 except in ETFs).

On the upside:

  • net worth has been mostly flat in 2022 (maybe up 1% overall, which seems fine compared to the market)
  • Even though I’ve only shifted somewhat slowly from ETFs (mostly VOO, VXUS and BND, BNDX) to active stockpicking over the past two years, my active portfolio is up over 20% since inception.
  • cash flow from investments covers about 80% of current expenses. I expect that to reach 100% over the next couple of years.

Happy New Year!


Why not just posting the real numbers? Is it 500k or 5M?

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I think it was pretty clear from context the unit was kCHF.


Apologies if that was unclear.

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basic accounting, unit of currency is always thousands.
but for us poor people, it looks better with some trailing zeroes :smiley:


You didn’t change jobs into crypto in 2022 by any chance?



What are your material assets? And how to read the orange ‘investment’ line?

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Yeah, like in no chance.

I fundamentally get the math and in spirit all the aspirations in deplacing the centralized existing financial system for a crypto and defi approach to finance.

But I am afraid crypto and defi are learning the decades (centuries?) of lessons by the existing financial system and all its regulations (and why they exist) as we speak.

So, definitively no.


It includes physical gold, a watch and the car till the end of 2021.

The orange line is cumulative savings.
Not sure if that word describes it better?
So I started investing at the start of 2021 and the increase of the line since then are the invested savings.