IB Reports/Numbers for Tax Declaration

Hey guys, I need your help as I can’t seem to find a clear answer to the following problem. What reports/numbers from Interactive Brokers do I need to put into my tax declaration for 2020?

I searched the forum and read through the following posts but still couldn’t find a clear answer:

This is how the mask looks like in the EasyTax Software for BL:

I figured out the “Valoren-Nr.” part but really don’t know how to fill in the other fields.

I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks and

Sucks for you that the software does not prefill the dividends. I’d suggest you look them up here: ICTax - Income & Capital Taxes

Note the “Basel-Country: reduced tax value”-flag that I guess you should check? I honestly have never seen that before but it reduces the taxable value.
I suggest you click “Show details” and enter the number of shares you had at 31.12.2020 in the “Nominal quantity”-field. If you need to know how many shares you had when I would generate the “Activity Report” for 2020 (might take a while, you can download it asynchronously).

There you see when you traded VT, your year opening and year closing balance (I think). Otherwise reverse-engineer it via your trades and the year-end position.

Then use those numbers on ICTax in “Details of the calculation” to enter at what dividend-distribution date you had what amount of shares. This will determine the taxable income.

Then enter those four dividend-distributions (if you held for the whole year) in your software (tick “mehrere Coupontermine”.

I interpret your input-fields like this:
“Anzahl per Termin” = number of shares at that dividend-distribution date
“Fälligkeitstermin” = date of the distribution
“steuerbar /Stk. in CHF” = dividend per share in CHF (row “Value per share CHF” on ICTax)
“stb. Gesamtertrag in CHF” = “anzahl per termin” * “steuerbar /Stk in CHF”

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Thank you so much for your reply. This really helps a lot. I’m gonna give it another go today and report back as soon as I have any insights or questions! :slight_smile:

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When you click on the binocular on the upper right don’t you have the option to calculate the values automathically ?
Otherwise that “kursliste” doesn’t do much…


Hahaha yes! You are right! :slight_smile: I’ve been able to just open up “Kursliste”, fill in the new amount per 31.12.2020 and how much yield it was per date of dividend distribution. In addition to that I had to fill in (with the exact date/amount) whenever I made a purchase throughout the year. That’s it!

Thank you!

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