Tax declaration from degiro and other Swiss banks

dear forumers,
the tax season is approaching (I received today the letter from the canton remembering it :frowning:) and it is the first year for me reporting some investments, on top of the third pillar I have been reported already several times.

do you know how to report the investments (5 ETFs ) in degiro, one fund in credit Suisse, one fund in clear bank and fee funds in migros bank (do not ask me why alla this… let’s say extreme diversification…)?

what worries me the most is degiro, since I guess the others, being Swiss bank, should be providing you with the correct documents.
any clue of what degiro provides? till today I did not get anything…

disclaimer: I am leaving in canton Bern.

thanks in advance to all people…


You first have to find out the “Valoren” number of your ETF and funds. You should be able to find that number by entering the ISINs in IC Tax (
In the tax software, all you have to enter is the Valoren-number, the amount of shares held at the end of the year and on the date of purchase and the software should do the rest. Rinse and repeat for all your ETF and funds and you’re done.
Usually, the tax office doesn’t ask for any statements. I was once asked to provide dividend statements when I bought more shares after the dividend date.

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The third pillar account is not taxable, neither on income tax nor on wealth tax, so no need to put it in the tax return… If you mistakenly declared it thus far I would just remove it and add a note to the tax return saying that you removed the corresponding entry because it’s a 3rd pillar.

some source

I assumed that the 3a contribution was declared as a deduction

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Contributions to the 3rd are a deduction yes but the 3rd pillar account itself is not subject to taxes and does not need to be declared as wealth as the first message would otherwise suggest.

It could also be that I did not understand the first message but given that the 3rd pillar is mentionned together with ETFs and other investments I guess that was the intended meaning.

Hi, I have the same type of questions. I have stocks and ETF in Swissquote and Degiro.
Since Swissquote does a report with a list of all held assets and the numbers of shares/parts of funds as at 31.12. that is not a problem.
In Degiro, there is a section report but it is empty. Maybe they are not ready yet, but we need some kind of statement from the broker, do we not?

Might not be ready yet. International brokers sometimes work on different schedule (e.g the final documents from IB for non-US investors are available in mid-March, since US funds often take time to report the final numbers).

yes. fully deducted for the last couple of years.
my question is about the investments in degiro. for these ones it is the first year I am approaching the tax declaration.
do you know when degiro is providing the yearly summary?

thanks in advance to all


Degiro customer service answer: “Further to your e-mail, we inform you that the annual report will be available during the first quarter of 2021”
You can have an extract of your open positions at date 31.12 by clicking “export” on the upper right of your portfolio page. It does not included dividends paid throughout the year though.

Thanks Polo.
And, how do you deal with dividends? I personally have 4 accumulating ETF and only 1 distributing ETF and I’m truly thinking to gewt read of it. Too many problems with it :frowning:

You still need to report their “virtual” dividends, regardless of them being Acc.
Use the ICTax tool to evaluate those.

Thanks a lot.

My question was more on the distributig one. How should I get this data from Degiro, since they are not present in the exportable csv file mentioned above?

You get all the numbers by plugging in your assets and their transactions into ICTax linked above, or into your canton’s tax return application/tool. :slight_smile:

The tax authorities don’t necessarily look for all the broker reports, unless they wish to dig deeper.

Thanks. I will try and see if I manage

It’s in French, but this MP ressource can be helpful.
Screenshot of it that decribes the ICTax tool:

Thanks a lot Polo. Definitively very usefull. I can manage french. Thanks a lot truly :slight_smile:

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I am short on a few ETFs, does anyone know how to go about declaring “short” positions (EDIT: just to clarify, I have sold the ETF i.e. my position is negative)? I need to understand it from both income tax perspective (i.e. I have dividend “expenses”) and also wealth tax perspective.


I don’t think you can write-off expenses if you are not considered a professional.

Have you been short on those on December 31st? If not it shouldn’t matter as you’re not mandated to list positions that you don’t own by the end of the year.

Thanks for clarifying. Yes, I was short during the year and as at 31 December 2020.

A bit annoying that you get taxed on dividend Income but can’t get a compensating adjustment when it comes to dividend expenses!!

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