How to make info in the forum easier to find


So the new Wiki section has been created.
Together we’ve @Julianek we defined 4 top topics which hopefully represent well the journey of a newcomer in our Swiss FIRE Community. Any input welcome if you see need for adaption.

Also, good to know is that any new post in the Wiki category will be a wiki-post automatically.

Let me know what you think about this new setup.



Thanks @_MP! Personally, I’m not sure about this 1,2,3 numbering. I get the point, it’s shows the order in which it should be read, but this could be achieved with a separate wiki topic (e.g. the pinned one), where other topics are linked. Also, maybe this “I have to learn” is too long for a topic name.

I was wondering if it’s better to keep a separate category for the wikis, or make one wiki topic for each of the most popular categories (Investing - Brokers, Investing - Portfolios etc.). Maybe that’s a step for later. If we copied the most important knowledge from the topics to the wiki posts, then we could unpin the topics, and just pin the FAQ wiki posts for each category.

How does it work with preventing vandalism? Is there a way to lock threads for review, or block specific users who keep making unwanted changes? Is it easy to rollback to a previous version of the post?


Too long and patronising. We better restart.

Why not start small and adress the FAQ?That was the plan, wasn’t it? With descriptive, short, clear titles.


I also moved the important already existing wiki posts in this new category, where principally Nugget already summarized a lot of the important information on this forum. Please notify me if I missed some.

Regarding the new topics in the section:

  • of course we can change the topic name if users think another name would be more relevant
  • the idea is to see if users feel the need to contribute to such topics, which are usually important for newcomers. Of course only experience will tell if it is relevant. In the case it is not, they will be removed.

@Bojack : regarding vandalism, I am not aware of such a protection. However most of our most important topics are already wikis, and people on this forum proved to be well-mannered so far :wink:


The forum belongs to all Swiss Mustachians, and I much appreciate your feedback.
Feel free to reframe — or ask me if you need to remove/rename something. I’ll gladly do it!

As you can see in the documentation, we can easily revert:
And I’m not that afraid about vandalism, I trust people around here. But worst case, yes, we can revert and have the entire history. We can even block such persons.


I will tackle the topic of Brokers in the coming days. This will provide a specific opportunity to talk about structure etc.


I’m not a believer in discourse wiki posts, I’d suggest instead to just contribute to bogleheads wiki, the biggest wiki on the topic. They have a section for some EU countries already - - might as well start something for switzerland.


Hi @hedgehog,

Why don’t you believe in discourse wiki posts?
Or what are you missing to believe in it?