Filling in the DA-1

OK, thanks for this. So I will not fill out either :slight_smile: I have some other small non-IE positions (DE & CA) but the dividend withholding tax won’t exceed the 100Fr minimum…

Fragen an die Besitzer von USA Wertschriften: Sind im Antrag US-Erträge enthalten, die in den USA den Einkommenssteuern unterliegen?

What are supposed to click here? Yes/No?

I did receives dividends from US listed ETFs and the broker did withhold some tax, should I select yes?

You should select “No” as long as you’re not subject to income taxes in the US. Only US citizens and probably other “US persons” need to select “Yes” here.

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How did you fill out the DA-1 in Ticino? A separate form or from the program itself?

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@wavemotion until last year (2020) I was downloading and filling a separate annex. This year (2021) I did notice that eTax includes the form (maybe it was already there previously, I don’t know) and did fill it within the software.

In any case I did print it and sign it separately so at the end it does not change that much, I guess.

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Did anyone fill this out for Lucerne? I don’t see the DA-1 in there anywhere.

There are two questions under the section “Fragen zum Formular DA-1” though:

“Unterliegen Sie für das Jahr 2022 an Ihrem Wohnsitz der direkten Bundessteuer und den Einkommenssteuern des Kantons und der Gemeinden?”


“Stehen Sie im Genuss einer Pauschalsteuer bzw. einer Besteuerung nach Aufwand?”

If I work here and have a C-Permit (not taxed at source) I would think I’d have to anwser Yes to the first, and no to the second question, right?

But I don’t see the form anywhere. I did mail the tax office and will report back. I just thought someone might answer me before.

I had the same “issue” last year and also this year as I forgot about that in the mean time :crazy_face:.
The solution is once you have the share entered to edit the fields:

Unfortunately, the ETF’s such as VT do not go directly in the right category and hence I needed to explain that in the comment section an got questions afterwards. But at the end it was all ok thanks to the tax report from IB.

When I add the Valoren-Nr for VT it instantly selects the wrong “Rubrik”.

It selects B-Ohne Verrechnungssteuer instead of C-DA-1.

So you added a new position and then manually added all the info for VT when you selected C under Rubrik?

EDIT: I got an answer today. It’s indeed not possible. If you add VT to the software it automatically selects “Anlagefonds” as “Art der Wertschrift” and then does not let you select C under Rubrik. You need to manually set everything. Very annoying…

Ciao @weirded ,

Do you fill it with the total amount of the dividends or just the withholding Tax? in which section do you fill it up?

Do you also fill this section with all the Value of the assets and the Dividends?

Many thanks

@JdG I’ve just closed my declaration last weekend and already forgot about it ! :joy:

I’ve declared all the assets except those which I’ve listed in the DA-1 form under the main assets list (your first screenshot) and put the summaries from the DA-1 form in the specific section (your second screenshot).

I’ve done like that for the last 2-3 years without complaints from the tax office.

I suggest that you run the draft declaration and have a look at the totals in the securities section to be sure that everything adds up correctly (nothing missing and nothing counted twice)


@weirded thanks for the quick reply.
All clear, even more simple this way.

May I fill and enclosed also il foglio complementario DA-1, or the IB statements is enough?

If you want to claim back the withholding tax you have to fill the DA-1 as well

Grazie mille!!!

I also just completed the declaration in Ticino. As assets/dividends are in the DA-1, I haven’t declared any asset/dividend by security (just the total) and thus not even the transactions (buy/sell) in the standard form. Did you do the same?

Yes, I’m doing the same since few years, never had complaints so far


Moved from ZRH to BRN a few months ago, and wow, the DA-1 part in Taxme (the web-based tax filling system) seems really prehistoric. In Zurich everything was filled automatically, in Bern it seems everything has to be done manually, so for each ETF/US stock → entry under Stocks, + entry under DA-1. And they require all figures in CHF, while everything is in USD on the PDFs from Swissquote. Yay… Not sure yet how to do that correctly.

If there is any suggestion/recommandation from fellow berners, please let me know :slight_smile: I just have a few positions (<10), but some with dividends 4x/year, so it still looks like a few hours with the spreadsheet + webpage.

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You can get numbers from ICTAX

Type your ISIN enter the dates when you bought or sold and you will get final numbers in CHF

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Did you figure out what this means? I also see it on my DA-1 form
The 2nd questions google translates to ‘‘Do you benefit from a flat-rate tax or a tax based on expenditure?’’ What does that even mean?
What have others ticked on these questions?

  1. If you are Swiss resident, you are.

  2. No :joy:

Thanks a lot for this link @Abs_max, it is exactly what I needed ! This should really be directly integrated to the TaxMe system…