Filling in the DA-1

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to fill out the DA-1 form and I am using this example as a reference.

I also understand I need to look up some values for each stock using this website (example is for Zurich Insurance).

It is not clear to me what value goes where.

I did some search here on the forum and, although I could find a wealth of related information, I couldn’t find a guide for filling out the DA-1.

My questions are:

  1. Is there such a guide (in English) available or am I asking too much?
  2. Is filling out the DA-1 form mandatory? My understanding is that it is not, but if I don’t fill it out I am losing out because of the dividend withholding tax. Is this correct? (I am considering not submitting the DA-1, since it’s already September and I need to submit my taxes before the end of the month).

Many thanks

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Stückzahl is the amount of shares u have, say 100 Apple.
Steuerwert is the value of one share on 31.12 CHF 245 x 100.
Bruttoertrag is the dividends paid out by Apple (before the deductions) = CHF 2 x 100
Pauschale Steueranrechnung is the 15% source tax deducted by USA = CHF 0.30 x 100
Pauschale Anrechung USA is the 15% source tax deducted by CH = CHF 0.30 x 100
For European shares percentages a bit different. Check your dividend payment statement for the deductions made.
It’s quite simple unless u have 100 positions.
You have to do the Wertschriftenverzeichnis, but not the DA-1 (but of cos u lose out if u don’t).


Use the free tax software from your canton, that way u don’t have to look up the Steuerwert etc on ictax or on your statements.

And don’t forget to send them any and every dividend statement from your broker so they have a proof you were deducted the 30 or 15%

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Does anyone have experience filling in DA-1 in canton Aargau? I don’t understand it at all. I am trying to find examples of hand filled DA-1 forms, but cannot find any. As far as I can see, there is no way to do it via easytax.

IIUC you only need to tick if there was a foreign withholding tax when you fill in the securities into the WV. But you may want to call them.

In easy tax, at page where you fill out all your assets. Once you specified security name and dividends distributed, you need to make sure you have an empty field in box below

Once you done that, you press ok and on the next window below

you press nein, and then you can see that your stock now classified as DA-1. Once you marked this in easy tax, you also need to fill out DA-1 form itself and send it all in tax office.


  1. Same rules applied no matter where security is domiciled if there is treaty on double taxation you just need to find out what is withholding tax in there.
  2. securities both in easy tax and in DA-1 shall be fill out in alphabetical order of their respective domiciles - both in DA-1 and easy Tax.

that how i undestand it from the tax office.

What I don’t understand yet is how to get back withholding tax from ETFs distributed dividends.
Does anyone know?

I’m 100% sure that this box “mit zusätzlichem Steuerrückbehalt USA” isn’t there when I add US ETFs.

Btw, are you sure that you have to click Nein/No?

Just a thing for those who have only VT or VTI+VXUS

Get out the Activity report from IB.

Just fill in the DA-1 with one line Interactive Brokers US stock, the end of year amount and the dividents you have perceived and it is done.

No need to declare all of the dividends perceived every quarter.

(My tax advisor has done it like that)

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I am doing it that way this year (in BS)
Reporting total amount, dividends received, and amount withheld.
Another line for cash position. (in the tax tool, not DA-1)

Let’s see if it flies. :slight_smile:

As far as I understood, there is no way to claim ETF dividends with EasyTax because they are not categorized correctly. You have to fill out the DA-1 form manually.


That’s how I was told by the office.
The thing is that you want all your stocks/etfs to be categorised by three group B, RUS, DA-1

B is stock/etf without dividents, for example it could be Facebook and it’s doesnt matter if you hold it with us or swiss broker.

RUS stands for stock/etf paying distributions but held at swiss broker.

DA-1 is stock/etf paying dividend but held at non swiss broker(ib or degiro)

That’s why it is important to mark it as DA -1 to make sure that we can retrieve correct amount back. I am going to fill out return first time but understand that’s the process.

This probably refers to the form R-US164, in which case it’s applicable only to stocks/etfs paying distributions, held at a swiss broker and domiciled in the USA

I also understand so

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Oh that sounds easy, have to try this out at home to see what PDF output I’ll get and if there is a DA-1 form included.

Why don’t you click the box “mit zusätzlichem Steuerrückbehalt USA”? It says “with additional tax withholding USA”? Isn’t that the case?

It’s only if you have a swiss broker (clicking this box when it doesn’t apply seems to be the most common DA-1 rejection)


Thank you very much for your contributions. I couldn’t apply for DA-1 because I didn’t cross the required amount, but I will do it for sure in 2022.

Here is what they told me: To retrieve part of dividend withheld in US for US based funds, bought via IB for example for funds below, you need to choose in Easy Tax:

then you fill out manually like below:


Also she said me that no need to fill out DA-1 manually after all it should come out of Easy Tax at some point, how I haven’t figure out yet.

Oh man, I wish I had seen this before filing it manually. Next time. Thanks!

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I click this box right?

Chose Aktien/shares and then enter it like that?


Then I chose NEIN/no so that the box “mit zusärtzlichem Steuerrückbehalt USA” won’t be selected. This way a DA-1 form is included in the tax declaration. If you chose JA/yes, then you’ll end up with a RUS form which is wrong?

DA-1 for US dividends from US brokers and RUS for US dividends from Swiss brokers?

I got this at the end of my tax declaration (I increased the dividends for this example because otherwise I wouldn’t be above the required 100 CHF). So it actually works!

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