Filling in the DA-1

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to fill out the DA-1 form and I am using this example as a reference.

I also understand I need to look up some values for each stock using this website (example is for Zurich Insurance).

It is not clear to me what value goes where.

I did some search here on the forum and, although I could find a wealth of related information, I couldn’t find a guide for filling out the DA-1.

My questions are:

  1. Is there such a guide (in English) available or am I asking too much?
  2. Is filling out the DA-1 form mandatory? My understanding is that it is not, but if I don’t fill it out I am losing out because of the dividend withholding tax. Is this correct? (I am considering not submitting the DA-1, since it’s already September and I need to submit my taxes before the end of the month).

Many thanks

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Stückzahl is the amount of shares u have, say 100 Apple.
Steuerwert is the value of one share on 31.12 CHF 245 x 100.
Bruttoertrag is the dividends paid out by Apple (before the deductions) = CHF 2 x 100
Pauschale Steueranrechnung is the 15% source tax deducted by USA = CHF 0.30 x 100
Pauschale Anrechung USA is the 15% source tax deducted by CH = CHF 0.30 x 100
For European shares percentages a bit different. Check your dividend payment statement for the deductions made.
It’s quite simple unless u have 100 positions.
You have to do the Wertschriftenverzeichnis, but not the DA-1 (but of cos u lose out if u don’t).


Use the free tax software from your canton, that way u don’t have to look up the Steuerwert etc on ictax or on your statements.

And don’t forget to send them any and every dividend statement from your broker so they have a proof you were deducted the 30 or 15%

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