CHF short term deposits


I’m investigating fixed deposit, as my rational is: short-term and safe. « Fair » interest rate.

Here is an example, I’m unsure if there are better deals:

Are there any opinions or advise about these fixed deposit?



This is good, just note that the minimum investment of 100k CHF is the maximum protected by the depositor’s insurance. And these are standard conditions of Swiss banks.

Please add it to the top post (wiki)!


Is it me or last month/week the migrosbank link you sent showed a 1% interest for 6 months?
I might have misread/dreamt it :slight_smile:

The rates were indeed slightly higher, I think. Unsure the exact number for 6 months.

Let’s take a screenshot of today for later reference!

btw, sq also started to publish their fixed deposit rates online - for their own as well as the fiduciary / partner banks ones.

I would expect them to be fully taxed, simply without withholding. Or are you sure that they are tax free?

And Swissquote takes a commission of up to 10% of the interest.

The minimum investment is CHF/EUR/USD 100k.

not sure it’s legally tax free, true :slight_smile:

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Would anyone know what the typical fixed term deposit rate from postfinance is? Fixed-term deposits | PostFinance