Black Friday 2023

Yallo Black is back.
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Had pretty bad experiences with the Yallo network coverage.
Saving some bucks and having a poor network is in my opinion not worth.

If you are going abroad, use a tourist (e-)sim card or a provider like Airalo.

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I had only good ones (local and roaming).
YMMV I assume, as always.


Yallo is just the Sunrise network. Personally, I’ve had two gaps with the Sunrise network as compared to Swisscom that annoyed me a little bit, but according to more objective tests conducted by 3rd parties the Sunrise network gets very good ratings. I’m with Yallo for a while now because the value is good with a 60% discount or whatever it was.

Had no issues abroad (multiple countries in and out of Europe).

For roaming outside of your package I second the recommendation of using eSIMs. We got 1GB in the Bahamas for like 9$ whereas the cheapest package from Yallo was 15.- for 200MB if I recall correctly.
In Europe and in the USA the 3GB included in my plan were plenty.

Yallo is just the Sunrise network. Personally, I’ve had two gaps with the Sunrise network as compared to Swisscom that annoyed me a little bit, but according to more objective tests conducted by 3rd parties the Sunrise network gets very good ratings.

That’s the thing, it may be only an anecdote but I’ve heard the same from a colleague about the Sunrise network and frankly it’s a very annoying gap on a specific rail span between Bern and Neuchâtel.

To be fair, I have experienced repeatedly a gap on the Swisscom network on the Léman lake around the château de Chillon between Montreux and Villeneuve.

For my use case, Swisscom > Sunrise. YMMV.


anybody a Yallo phone plan user? Is this deal (black plus) worth taking ? It doesn’t include any calls to EU but the roaming looks good.

Not just rail. My work phone is sunrise and there is a zone where I cannot have work calls in my car without getting dropped. Also not amazing between Romont and Estavayer. Using private phone (COOP mobile on Swisscom) has no issue that I’ve seen.

As I’m paying 15CHF for Coop, this is fine for me (data rolls over and never expires, I usually use wifi so I have like 50 GB “banked” so may as well be unlimited for me)

Edit: for more than a decade, i drive to Neuchâtel a lot from the other side of the lake (so not just 1-2 times)

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I’ve been using Yallo since 2-3 years now and the networks fine, not great (some issues in the train) but overall ok.

Be careful with roaming and especially phone calls abroad. I had multiple instances where I just had to make a call and it cost me between 30-60 CHF for just minutes. This is how they recoup the low monthlys.


Also Salt has some black friday offers:

and for 5chf more you get:

  • Unlimited internet.
  • Unlimited calls & SMS to Switzerland and within the visited country.

Note that almost no one offers unlimited calls TO an eu contry. Because that’s what people would use the most.
edit: call TO are offered by salt for 39.95, 10 francs more then.

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Last summer Salt changed their definition of Europe. “In Europe” no longer includes all EU countries… It’s worth comparing the country list with other providers.

9.90 per month for small user. No contract duration.

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The premium offering has also vpns, vaults and more.

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My best Black Friday trick was transferring my private mobile number to my employer (and getting a better subscription than I’d previously had privately).

The only costs I have to pay are roaming and data abroad (possibility of purchasing a data package if required). I’m surprised that more people don’t have their subscription paid for by their employer…

Wingo have also announced their Black Friday offer: Home - Black Friday | Wingo

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I did that once and it was a bit of a hassle when I left said company.
Just keep that in mind, the employer has to somehow release the phone number back to you, then you may be transferred to their PrePaid offer at the same carrier and have to do another transfer later e.g. to Yallo. Or you’re stuck with a likely non-discounted expensive subscription with some minimum contract duration for a few months. Not sure if the procedure changed since …

My employer offers a discounted Sunrise subscription, but I get the same deal at just about the same price from Yallo - so I rather keep my phone number linked to myself.


Also something to note about business subscriptions is that most of the time 0900 numbers are blocked. Some medical/hospital information hotlines use 0900 numbers.

Thanks for the info. In fact, transferring an employer’s phone number to a private one is very simple. It consists of a form to be filled in by the employer and the employee who wants to take over the phone number. The employer’s agreement and the signature of both parties are explicitly required. When the number is taken over, the form specifies the type of subscription agreed (monthly or prepaid). In most cases, the prepaid option is more attractive, as it gives employees the time and opportunity to choose whether they wish to change their subscription and/or whether their new employer will take over their telephone number.

In short, it’s very easy for employees to take over their telephone number, and the process is extremely smooth once the employer has validated the transfer.

Nice follow up here : Black Friday 2023: Handy-Abo und Internet-Aktionen der Schweiz im Überblick


I’m still pretty happy with Galaxus mobile, with their friends & family offer - only badside is the network runs on Sunrise.


Does anyone know if galaxus mobile or digital republic are doing black friday sales usually?

Or what would be the cheapest unlimited data with ok-ish bandwidth (10Mbs+)? (so far the cheapest seems to be around 10 CHF/month).

(I’m interested in data only, I don’t care about anything else, I used to have an unlimited 5G data for 5 CHF/month with 2y discount from Sunrise but looks like nobody is doing that kind of amazing deal anymore, maybe they figured out it was way too cheap :slight_smile: )

Can we just use this thread to post black Friday deals? Instead of eg pros and cons of switching your number to your employee or which is the best mobile network for calling Tasmania. You can use separate threads for that :slight_smile: