All about Revolut [2022]

here we go :frowning:

Update to top-up fees for Swiss cards
On 25/10/2022, we’ll be introducing a processing fee when you add money to your account using a debit or credit card issued in Switzerland

We wanted to let you know that we’ll soon be charging a small fee when you add money to your account using a card issued in Switzerland. The fee will be 1.15% for debit cards and 1.5% for credit cards issued in Switzerland.

goodbye revolut. and thanks for the fish!


That sucks! Just got the email too. What’s the alternative you guys will be using?

Small fee lol. Too bad.

Neon also takes a fee if I remember correctly, doesn’t it?

From neon:

At the mid-market rate (interbanking rate.)
No exchange rate surcharge + 0.4% neon convenience fee + Wise fee, typically 0.4-1.3%

What are good alternatives? UBS Global?

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Why not simply use free wire transfers to transfer money to Revolut?


How long does this take? Usually 1 day?

Just takes more time and planning I guess. I’ll definitly do that too, but this will require me to “deposit” and have money on the app constantly to be able to use/exchange quickly whereas with my credit card I could just top up quickly and use that money in a different currency very quickly.


Yes, I think it’s the same as with other bank transfers. I don’t remember whether I’ve tried same-day transfers to Revolut (in the morning when many Swiss banks offer this).

True, it’s not ideal but I simply look at it as holding a small part of my emergency fund at Revolut. That way I can use Revolut also when my bank cards are not working for some reason.

SIX will be introducing instant payments from 2024, which will hopefully eliminate this issue.

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I used to do always by wire with PF. I started using my CC when I was in a hurry for (damn)

So I guess I’ll go back to wire or stop using it.
We need more guinea pigs that compares Revolut and Neon :slight_smile:

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Neon is Swiss, with swiss employees and Swiss bank 100k insurance.

Revolut is UK, with all the social bad news we heard about employees conditions.

I prefer to use Neon in order to promote and support swiss companies.


I guess my new use case for using cards abroad / spending foreign currencies is “wire to Neon and use Neon”
Hence loosing some connivance and require some more planning ahead (that may be a good thing, though)

The last and remaining use case for my Revolut card is “ATM usage” (up to the free amount) also with a prior wire transfer…


make a sepa transfer (0.30chf) to the revolut account and then change?

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Not at all. You can still make a bank transfer, and that’s what I am going to do.


No points/miles/cashback awarded.

While they’re headquartered in the U.K., maybe we don’t have to worry as much about employment conditions there - as we should about conditions in Poland or Lithuania.

Keep in mind that SEPA transfers are in EUR only (while most of us on the forum probably earn CHF).

I think I never got cashback for that. I think they are classified differently.

Revolut has a CH ISIN with Credit Suisse.


Yes :sob: let’s hope the bank transfer will stay fee’s free.

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If you want to upgrade then the top up fees are free. Premium is 8.99CHF per month, if this would be cheaper than the 1.5% CC fee per month, dpending on usage?

If you need foreign currency for planned expenses, bank transfers in CHF are free. If once you have an emergency, well, you pay an emergency fee once instead of paying premium fees regularly.

If once in 2 years you have to make a foreign currency payment equivalent to 10k CHF, you are still better off with one time fee, also accounting for FX exchange fee of Revolut above free level.

And by the way I would check if one of new Migos/Cembra credit card will be better for emergency spendings abroad.

In the samples taken by in 2022, Migros Bank shows an average markup of around 2 percent on currency exchange rates for purchases in euros.

Looks like not.

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