Zurich Mustachian Meetups (updated)

May I ask why you believe it won’t really work (outside meetup + BYO)?
I ask, because for a longish time I have been thinking about initiating a Basel meetup (I just suffer from severe procrastination).
And i find mustachians seem predestined for outside meetups (obs not mid-winter). Heck it feels like half of Basel meets up outside (+BYO) during summer (me included).
Anyhow would be good to hear your opinion.


You got a PM. I wish the BYOB option could work out better next time…

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Hi everyone,
Hope all started well in 2023!
I’d like to propose to organise a meetup in Zurich at Starbucks Zentral, very close to the main train station on 29.01.23 Sunday around 10:00. What do you guys think? Depending on the feedback, we may guess more or less how many people will join.
Meeting face to face would be a great experience.
Best regards,

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I need to check with family if they have something plan but otherwise I will be happy to be in.

I’d be also be in, thanks a lot for getting the ball rolling!

Nitpick, the square is called Central and so they call their Starbucks branch there.

Greetings from your also non Zurich native but Tüpflischiisser now long term resident.

10am on a Sunday? That’s early :open_mouth:

May be interested as well, though can’t confirm date yet.

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Interested in the meetup!

But 10 am is too early for me as I would be coming from either Basel or Bern on that day… Does 1pm or 3pm work? :slight_smile:

Alternatively something on a weekday evening would work , or a weekend day in the afternoon.

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Would be also interested

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I would be in! And I like the 10 am slot :slight_smile:
Would be nice to finally meet some fellow weirdos :yum:

Thanks for organizing this. Unfortunately, I can’t join that day as taking my kids skiing. Next time!

Meanwhile, look forward to hearing how it went.

Hi All,
Thanks for your replies! In life unexpected things can come along the way, so I’ll need to shift it to 05.02 Sunday to 11:00 at Starbucks at Central (close to Zurich Hbf). Sorry about that. It is much better to start before noon, secure table(s) before it gets crowded. Can also organize the afternoon meetings going forward.
Since I’m also a newbie, do I need to create something else (meeting), doodle etc in this forum? How do I do that? :slight_smile:
Best Regards

Ladies & Gentleman,
Fasten your seat belts. Last check before the meeting on 05.02.23 Sunday at 11:00 at Starbucks Central, Zürich. Limmatquai 144, 8001 Zürich.
Please reply shortly about your attendance. (Meetup takes place even one or few people attend-no issue)
I’ll be there from 10:30 and will try to secure table(s). If you can come early, you can help me with this task :).
Looking forward,

HI all,
I am in. but nit sure if I can be earlier than 11:00

I’ll try my best, but there’s a 40-50% Chance I won’t be able to make it as I have to go to Basel on saturday night.

A weekday evening or sunday a bit later in the day would have worked better for me.

But thanks for the organization :slight_smile:

I can’t make it this Sunday. Hopefully some other time

Hi Guys, others joining as well on Sunday?

I’m sitting at the low table with sofas towards the end of the lower floor.

We are at low floor at the sofa.