Your Health Insurance in 2024

It is this time again and as promised here is the interactive map for the cheapest premiums in 2024. At the top right you can navigate between age groups (young/adult), inclusion/exclusion of accident cover and deductible. For each combination of those parameters, the map has 3 layers:

  1. “Recommendation” which gives you an advice for the cheapest premium for the next year (assuming you had already the cheapest premium in 2023). The color code works as follows:
  • Red: another insurer will offer the cheapest premium;
  • Yellow: another model (within the same insurer) will be the new cheapest option;
  • Green: the current cheapest insurer/model is the same for the next year.
  1. “Change of cheapest premium (YoY)” which shows how the cheapest premiums changed across the KVG-regions.
  2. “Cheapest premium” which shows the cheapest premiums (absolute) across the KVG-regions.

Hovering your pointer over the municipalities displays more information in each of those maps.

Feel free to share any suggestions you may have or any mistakes you spotted.
(Apologies, I haven’t had time to include all the suggestions from last year.)

The interactive map is available here .


Thank you for the useful tool!

Am I the only one able to get a better price on the health insurance website than what I get using

For example, on Priminfo (1201 Geneva, 2500 CHF deductible) the two cheapest are:

  • Sanitas (CompactOne): 382.45 CHF
  • Assura (Qualimed): 385.65 CHF

But on the respective websites (using the same data) I get quoted:

  • Sanitas (CompactOne): 353.20 CHF
  • Assura (Qualimed): 348.30 CHF

So Assura is even cheaper!
Last year I remember that Priminfo was 100% matching the health insurance quote.
Why is Priminfo wrong by about 10%?

(sweating in pain after a ~10% increase from 2023 :cold_sweat:)

Priminfo page seems to be the only one that’s update atm. Respective companies still have 2023 premiums displayed.


I’m surprised KPT is still one of the cheapest here in Zurich, I thought after their mistake last year they’d try to increase enough to drop enough client?

Seems like they managed to scale and still be cheaper than e.g. Assura.

Here is a summary of the cheapest premiums in 2024 for all regions, ranked from smallest to highest increase (compared to the cheapest one in 2023).

Data for an adult (>26 yo), without accident cover and deductible of 2500 CHF:

EDIT: Added the sign of the % change, but indeed this year everyone got an increase.

Region Cheapest monthly premium Insurer Model %
AI 189.5 Sanitas NetMed 1 +6.16
JU 332.2 Helsana BeneFit PLUS Hausarzt R1 +7.27
UR 211.1 Atupri SmartCare +7.7
NW 214.7 Vivao Sympany casamed hmo +8.16
SZ 234 EGK EGK-TelCare +8.84
ZH3 240.1 EGK EGK-TelCare +8.94
GL 242.8 Atupri SmartCare +9.2
SH2 260.7 Agrisano AGRIsmart +9.35
SG2 253 Atupri SmartCare +10.48
GR3 226 CSS Gesundheitspraxisversicherung T1 +11.14
BL1 349.7 Helsana BeneFit PLUS Hausarzt R1 +11.65
LU1 268.45 Luzerner Hinterland Telmed +11.74
ZH2 278.7 CONCORDIA HMO +12.02
BL2 313 EGK EGK-TelCare +12.11
NE 369.4 Helsana BeneFit PLUS Hausarzt R1 +12.21
AR 248.6 KPT +12.54
VS2 223.4 EGK EGK-TelCare +12.6
BE1 349.9 Sanitas NetMed 1 +12.62
BS 391 Mutuel Krankenversicherung AG PrimaFlex +12.62
FR1 303.3 Helsana BeneFit PLUS Hausarzt R1 +12.75
TG 262.4 Agrisano AGRIsmart +12.91
ZH1 324.8 Atupri HMO +13.13
GE 387.8 Sanitas CompactOne +13.49
LU2 245.6 Luzerner Hinterland Telmed +13.7
SG1 284.6 Vivao Sympany casamed hmo +13.84
ZG 224.1 CONCORDIA HMO +13.87
AG 267.2 Aquilana CASAMED +14.09
LU3 231.8 EGK EGK-TelCare +14.38
VD1 364.8 Vivao Sympany FlexHelp 24 +15.12
SO 295.3 Agrisano AGRIsmart +15.13
GR2 240.4 KPT KPTwin.doc +15.19
VS1 271 sodalis Digimed +15.22
SG3 231 EGK EGK-TelCare +15.24
FR2 272.1 CONCORDIA HMO +15.44
TI2 331.3 EGK EGK-TelCare +15.48
SH1 302 CONCORDIA HMO +15.71
BE2 304.9 CSS Gesundheitspraxisversicherung T1 +16.37
OW 218.2 EGK EGK-Care +17.31
TI1 355.2 KPT +17.77
BE3 273.1 Aquilana SMARTMED +17.82
GR1 257.5 SUPRA-1846 SA PrimaCare +20.72
VD2 335 KPT +21.38

I’m surprised KPT is still one of the cheapest here in Zurich, I thought after their mistake last year they’d try to increase enough to drop enough client?

I wonder if there’s a breakdown per type of contract for this. I took one of the cheapest options with KPT last year, but this specific policy increases by more than CHF120/month in 2024.

Basically, I could stay with KPT, but I’d need to change from Family doctor + teledoctor to teledoctor only for it to remain among the cheapest options. The weird part is that Teledoctor + Family doctor is now more expensive than ‘just’ Family doctor. I don’t really understand their pricing structure this year.

Very interesting, did you assemble the table by yourself or is it available somewhere?

I live in AG and have Aquilana Telmed with 300 CHF franchise. My premium will increase from 347 CHF to 377 CHF next year (+8.6%). It‘s still the cheapest option.

Weird, is still the cheapest (of the KPT options) for me in ZH.

Huh, weird. For me it goes, from cheapest to most expensive:

The difference between (family doctor or teledoctor) and Standard (free choice of doctor) is smaller than between and either KPTwin.easy (teledoctor) or KPTwin.doc (family doctor). Really doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Same here. the cheapest KPT option by quite a bit.
KPT not the cheapest option overall anymore though. :thinking:

@Artana you can check KPT prices for 2024 here also: Prämienrechner KPT

I did the table (and the map) with the raw data provided by Federal Office of Public Health FOPH on


Yes, my calculation was based on the website, since I found the result on the Confederation’s website strange.

@anneaun Thanks!

I checked both sanitas and assura for geneva and couldnt see any difference to priminfo

For me, suddently their Housedoctor insurance became slightly cheaper than the Telmed… Maybe Franchise related, you seem to have the low Franchise since my insurance comes at 262 CHF.

We don’t have a “Your Health Insurance in 2024” yet? :slight_smile:
Anyone planning to move again?

I did KPT last year and now for me it’s increasing 15%
This year it’s cheaper, but then the model is HMO only

We do →

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Thanks (also for moving it), sorry I missed it. I thought it was strange :smiley:

it makes sense.
KPT is still the cheapest in my canton, but with I can save CHF 220 per person (year), compare to
The difference is no telemed and no family doctor (only HMO). I’m not sure if it’s worth it

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