Which "broker" to use in switzerland to buy crypto?

I tried to search a bit in the forum but I did not find references to what I use, that is Crypto.com. Nobody uses it? Are there better intermediaries? Others I had heard of were Binance and Coinbase. I would like to buy crypto to make PACs with a small percentage in my portfolio. Taken by the heat of the drop these days, I bought something of BTC and ETH. But in reality I don’t even know if there will be taxes to pay especially with the small amounts I’m working with, if everything is regulated. Also if any of you are stacking or using their cashback cards. Sorry for the too many arguments, but I have seen a little something here and there a little scattered about it, on the forum and it seems useful to me if there was someone who uses this intermediary or others similar, to clarify a few things to those who are approaching us now.

Are you kidding?

And so on.


You van check the otger topic but to my experience Kraken is the cheaper if you want to buy directly in CHF, then Coinbase and Bitstamp are slightly more expensive and you will have to convert to EUR first but they are good alternative as well. Crypto.com are making a lot of promo recently and got attention but depending of your usage they might not be the cheapest. They offer good incentives (debit card with cashback, Spotify and Netflix vouchers and so on,…) but you will have to invest more or less money in their CRO token and lock them for at least 6 months. So you risk loosing more money if they token loose value more than the value of the cash back and free stuff you will get in between. Of course their token could get more value than BTC and/or ETH and you could win on both side. Up to you to decide.

Also I’m not sure how much are the fee to transfer CHF or EUR to them and what is the margin on exchange rate. With too much margin on exchange rate + fee to get in and out both in fiat and crypto, you might end up paying a lot more fee than other exchange. But as In said I don’t know these fees and couldn’t find them easily last time I check on their website, I hesitate but so far I didn’t do an account with them.

If you have some feedback, I would be interested.

Kraken is the best. Never ever use your credit card. The fees are too high (for all exchanges of course). Kraken has even a swiss IBAN (Bank Frick) so you can wire CHF with no fees and super fast. I usually transfer CHF from my neon account in the morning, it’s on Kraken within a few hours (on work days of course) You have BTC and ETH pairs in CHF. If you place a limit order, you pay the least trading fees. And then CHFUSD conversion is OKish too.


I use Swissquote for convenience because I have some trading there too and it is in Switzerland.

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