Buying crypto for Swiss residents [2023]

Are there any changes after a year? I was talking about FTX, but we all know what happened to it… Binance does not allow you to deposit USD, the only possibility I think is via sepa with advcash (1€ commission). Do you use Kraken or Swissborg? The plan would be to make a PAC on BTC and send them to a cold wallet. So have the lowest possible fees for deposit and withdrawal.

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Kraken. Send CHF, buy BTC, transfer out. Cheapest BTC withdrawal fees that I have seen.


Cheapest was FTX - for free! But Kraken’s fee’s are OK.

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I also use Kraken and so far I am happy with it, the fees seem fair too. Selling crypto, cashing in CHF then sending it back to my Swiss bank account works fine and is fast.

Now I wonder if it would be possible for Kraken to send money back in CHF to a Revolut account. Does Kraken accept Revolut as bank account? Anyone tried this out?


Revolut CHF account is not your personal one, so no it’s not going to work.

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Hi everyone
I’ve recently bought a ledger wallet and since before that I was just doing Revolut > and buying it there on a monthly basis, I’m wondering what would be the best option (i.e. lowest fees) to get that monthly new coins into my ledger?


Transfer CHF to kraken, buy BTC, transfer BTC to ledger.


Kraken had silently increased their withdrawal fees for BTC from 0.00001 to 0.00035 BTC. Lightning withdrawals are free, by the way, but I want a withdrawal to an address on the base layer.

The next best option that I see for now seems to be Gemini, 0.0001 BTC. Now a question: what are the Coinbase BTC withdrawal fees? I can’t see it without actually having some BTC there.

Maybe you should consider SwissBorg ?
Fees are 0.0002 for BTC withdrawal :

Yes. I tried it yesterday on my skin. luckily I had made a “larger” purchase. but we need to find an alternative now.


Thanks! With trading fees of 1% I will probably pass unless I can deposit BTC via lightning network. Is it possible?

PS. No I think I pass anyway.

You are right, unfortunately not possible.
We have to find a new platform I guess :confused:.

Coinbase doesn’t look like a solution

Probably Gemini it will be. Trading fees are highish, but Euro deposits are free and BTC/EUR and ETH/EUR pairs are available.

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I use Coinmetro and Revolut for chf swap

Deposits / Withdrawals: fixed 1€ instant SEPA
Fees :

  • none with limited orders
  • 0.15% taker / 0% maker with market orders

Regulated, great ethos and a 24/7 support available in less than 5 minutes.

What about DFX? Swiss iban to own cold wallet for 0.99%

Thanks guys! What about fixed withdrawal fees? My purchases are rather small, so this is what hits me most.

DFX goes to your wallet so no more fees other than the 0.99%

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Die Mindestgebühr liegt bei 10 €/CHF.

Doesn’t help.

They show Cryptocurrencies Withdrawal Fee 0.15%. Does it mean that I can request to withdraw an amount of BTC worth 10 USD and pay 2 cents for it?

Hmm, the BTC withdrawal fee at kraken suddenly went down to 0.0002 BTC. Is it now network load dependent?

P.S. and now Gemini shows me something completely out of my range. Well, I guess we have to wait until things calm down.