What car do you drive? Frugal family

Hi all, we are a family of 3 (couple + 1 kid) and our current car is too small now (A1, 3 doors). We want to get a new one, bigger of course. Therefore I want to ask you, Frugal Families, what car do you drive? What are your advise to choose it? Thanks a lot.

Honda Civic Tourer (Kombi) automatic petrol - bought last month - 2016 registration - 50K kms on the clock - loads of space in the boot (624 litres with seats up and 1668 litres with seats down).
Bought from a garage for 14 KCHF all in. Lumpsum payment in cash.
It’s a great car for a small family. Consumption on average is 6.6 L per 100 kms.

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Skoda fabia combi petrol automatic


Already had a good discussion on this topic:


I drive an Audi Q5…very nice car…

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We (2 adults, 2 kids) went for the Skoda Octavia Kombi, 1.4 TSI.

It has one of the biggest boots/trunks of any car, and we’re often transporting buggies with shopping / bikes / furniture etc. The Skoda Superb - about 10 000 chf more expensive - has only a slightly bigger boot, but much bigger legroom in the backseats. This isn’t particularly useful for my 2 year-old and 7-day old, however, so we figured the Octavia was one of the best for value for money. It’s reliable, and very common here, meaning parts are easy to source, accessories are easy to come by and all mechanics know the car well.

We bought it second-hand from Amag. Paid 22500 and it had 27900 km on the clock. With Amag you pay a little more than with some other dealers, but they’re very reputable, and give you a 2-year guarantee.

If I were to need to buy a car again, I’d go for exactly the same one (unless I went into the world of EVs, but that’s a whole different story that I won’t get into now).


We drive whatever is fit for the need using Mobility. For example, we often take a VW Golf VII Variant TDI DSG, red of course :slight_smile:

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@Dago interesting! But how do you manage for the kids seats?? Do you move it/them every time?

Indeed. Let’s be clear: it is more comfortable to have your own car, all set up with kids and yourself’s stuff.

This being said, it is not insurmountable to bring the kids seats to the car, in particular if it is located nearby your place. Also, kids can use a less cumbersome “réhausseur” when they reach a certain size.

In my opinion, it is cheaper and far more environmentally friendly to use Mobility but it is for sure not a fit for everyone. For example, using it every day does not make sense. Also there are periods in life when you might be more able to get rid of your personal car.

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Mobility Genossenschafter and Public transportation and a City bike.

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Be careful if it starts making noises, there have been media reports saying that the 1.4 TSI might have some technical problems:

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