Want a cheaper Internet Provider. Your advice please?

Could you please share with us your feeback about your yallo internet connection and TV ?

The main caveat of the internet connection is that it uses DS-Lite, which means that all IPv4 traffic goes through CG-NAT. And bridging is not officially supported. Unlike regular UPC and Sunrise plans, the Yallo support can’t switch the connection from DS-Lite to IPv4-only (where you would get a public IPv4 address and could configure the cable box as a bridge), despite claims to the contrary early on. With the Yallo cable box as router, you get an IPv6 /64 prefix (public but dynamic) for the main LAN/WiFi + another /64 prefix for the guest WiFi. Router features of the cable box are fairly limited but it generally works.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of websites that only support IPv4. The vast majority works fine with CG-NAT but, rarely, I encounter websites that prompt me with a captcha or even deny access due to IP-based protection. This will hopefully become better over time but who knows. The other downside of CG-NAT is that you can’t enable IPv4 port forwarding without going through an external service. IPv6 access is possible, though (requires firewall to be configured accordingly or disabled).

Bridge mode can be enabled on the cable box with a trick even with DS-Lite. This doesn’t avoid CG-NAT, however, it does allow using your own router and I think you get a IPv6 /57 prefix. Be aware that not all routers are compatible with this, especially as UPC doesn’t seem to support IPv6 prefix delegation. If bridging mode is enabled, the WiFi in the cable box is disabled.

I can watch live TV directly via cable using the DVB-C tuner built into my TV. With the supplied Yallo TV box (generic Android TV box where the Yallo app can be installed), I can watch live TV, replay and record (all IPTV). Seems to work ok but I don’t watch a lot of TV. It’s also possible to watch TV on your computer, phone or tablet.

For CHF 15 it’s still a great offer if you can live with DS-Lite. Less than half the price you would pay UPC for just the basic cable connection with live TV and 10/1 Mbps. I would choose Fiber with full Dual Stack (possibly Init7) if it was available, though.


I’d probably use tailscale for accessing internal services anyway, much easier/secure.

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Cool, I love Nintendo!
that’s the DS Lite for me :slight_smile:

Joking aside, I have also yallo and I didn’t try anything special with it yet. Everything seems to work. I think I’ve seen one website asking me to slide a bar for security reason, but I didn’t know it might have been because of the way I’m seen on the net.
For normal use it’s fine. For 15chf/m it’s super good, you can spend another 15chf/m on any cloud services if you really need something special.

What is tailscale?

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Easy to use personal VPN (securely connect any device p2p as if they were on same network, can also be used for exit nodes, e.g. route your mobile traffic into your home network).


First negative note for yallo. Apparently they have issues with their authenticator. Which means I can’t watch TV on their box.
No idea where I can get news about this issue.

I had them since the start of the month. Internet still doesn‘t work. Awful customer support. Technican coming 6 days after asking for one…

I already had cable here, so it was way easier to start. I will suggest those without cable to wait a bit for now.

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Avoid Yallo guys, been there for less than a year and had only issues with them.

Since then i’m with Wingo, more than happy till now.

I’m an official nitpicker for that sentence.
What you said basically means that it was all good but now something bad is happening.

You probably meant:

more than happy for now

Other than that, please tell us more about it. Apart for the hiccup I’ve had, I’m happy.
Also note that it’s Cable and if I got it right it’s very new for them.

Side note: with their TV offer I can fast forward with no issue. Apparently it’s not possible with others if you don’t pay up.

Little Feedback fom my side :
made the jump, we got the 2y contract with digitec for 20 CHF flat mobile incl. 1 GB EU @ 300 Mbit/s.
Second Simcard for 5 CHF/month (1st year free). We use the TP Archer MR600 as a modem (120 CHF) which has a download speed of 300 Mbit/s (so adapted to capacity of the simcard). BTW, there is often a difference of the WIFI speed and the download speed via simcard.

Having myself a mobile flat EU through work, this covers phone for my wife and internet for the flat @ 25 CHF/month. Having a business, this allows even to deduct VAT from the costs.

Works like a charm, no considerable issues.

Usage :
Downloading of bigger files via steam or others (several GB at once take some time of course).
Netflix UHD account

Do you know if it has replay allowing to skip commercials?

I don’t know. Will only get activated next week. I only care about the internet, so I never checked the details about the TV part.

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