VIAC third pillar referrals

Hi mustachians,

There’s been a lot of interest from the community for the 3rd pillar solution offered by VIAC.
The latest version, covered in Mr MP’s post, introduces a referral program:

You can recommend up to 3 friends. For each new account created, you will be entitled to CHF 500 (each) of free lifetime management fees at VIAC. Over 30 years with a Global 100 strategy, this represents about CHF 700 less in discounts on costs. It’s always better than nothing; especially I prefer a company that provides less with this kind of program, but focuses on offering an initial product with the lowest possible fees.

Let’s use this thread to propose and ask for referrals :slight_smile:
I have codes left, so feel free to contact me by direct message if you need one!

This separation is a good idea. And I absolutely adore how you hacked the forum name pictogramm.

I am a happy customer of VIAC and can recommend it in good faith. I will gladly invite anyone who sends me a personal message. 2/3 available.

I also have 2 more times to give away a maximum of 3.6 CHF p.a.

[edit: one left :slight_smile: ]

[edit according to VIAC’s post below:

If anyone still wants a reccomendation, I will also happily send you a code :blush:

Hi nugget

Just a little correction on the calculation. You save 0.52% on the 500 CHF - the administration fee of 0.52% gets removed. The mentioned 0.72% is total costs for the sustainable strategy “Global Sustainable 100”, including the TER of the ETFs, which we can’t include with the fee removal. But if you create an individual strategy with just TER 0% indexfunds and you get your 3a almost for fee for the 500 CHF (FX-Spread not included, but optimized through personal and general pooling & netting) and remember we only charge on the part invested, so the 3% Cash you have to hold is fee free anyway…

thanks for the detailed description :slight_smile:

Hi, I am also interested in a referral code, anyone has 1 lying around? :slight_smile:

Hi, I have 3 referral codes, message me, cheers

I still have 2 referrals

Hi fellow Mustachians, I’ve 3 referrals left. Message me :slight_smile:

I also have referral ready to be sent out :slight_smile: Msg me as well

good morning everybody, i am looking for a refferal before signing u pwith VIAC, thanks

Thanks to @nugget I got a referral Code.
I also got 3 Referrals ready and to give out if you message me.

@_name was first to send me a refferal code. Thanks all.

The referral code is entered at the end of the whole registration process. That means after uploading your passport picture and signing.

Just wanted to leave that here, in case anyone else thinks they missed some place to enter the code.

Code used thanks, will post new one bellow

Used it, thanks for that! I’ll put mine up when I get money in the account.

*code used so I removed it

Another referral code if anyone still needs one: u694R7 (unused as of 10.08.18)

Hi guys, long time reader first time poster. Does anybody have two referral codes available (one for Mrs. Max) or please confirm if the ones mentioned above are still available? I read that the code is to be entered at the end of the registration process and just would like to make sure that the ones mentioned here are still ok to use or get new ones. Thank you