VIAC third pillar referrals


Here you go. Both valid:

  1. i8f94O
  2. h4BRtv


Oh, thank you so much! that was quick :smiley:


Both codes worked, thank you so much


I still have one code, write in pm


Two more referral codes: jftVO2 EFgKYZ Will update when they have been used


Thanks MadMax. Used one.


No prob, Do you remember which one did you use so people know which one is still available?


I used the first one. jftVO2.


I used the second one (EFgKYZ). Thanks!


used qyUwbG, thanks.


After using one of the codes I’d like to offer some too:

  • HN5fIB
  • Hg56Fu

Please let me know if you used one. :slight_smile:


pm me if you used it


Amazing product! I moved my Postfinance 3a to VIAC and I’m very happy so far. Finally a Swiss product with full transparency. I opened one for my wife as well :slight_smile:


Thx for the code! I used jAA5Cm

Will post my codes as soon as I have money in my account


One more referral code available: 66Z2jv


Thanks alot! I’ve removed the code above.

codes still available: oliNEA, EOzyEj


Here are my three referral codes:

Let me know if you’ve used one and I will update this message. Thanks!


Here are my codes. If you use one, just let me know which one you’ve used and I will delete it!



2 codes left:




I have another one: