The Swiss Antimustachian-Wall-of-Shame-and-Comedy

bluntly copied from MMM forum:

Sometimes the world just needs to be mocked. What have you seen in real life, in the mainstream media, or on other blogs, that is just so Antimustachian that you need to share it with us, your friends on the Inside?

Share here whatever antimustachian, facepalm-worthy situations you come by!

I start with some consumerism:
who needs unlimited roaming?? get a skype number/ use wifi instead! and don’t pay 90 Francs a month!


Ahaha, I am glad to see that I was not the only one to cringe in front of this ad :slight_smile:

I do… actually… for work, I travel a lot and need to call and be called so… is not a bad deal, actually, it’s a “frugal contract” :smile:

But… let’s see who beats this amazing Pencil that “writes” and “erases” for only 265 CHF and is a “Duty Free Exclusive deal” :joy:
I couldn’t believe it when I saw this in a Swiss Air magazine :joy:


:joy: ahahah yea like anything from during-flight-tax-free-luxury-stuff ^^

here a (german…) NZZ article on how and why 89% of private currency-traders (forex etc) lose money!


not very swiss, but german: get rich with pennystocks! from €1500 to €7000 in months!


But that is just popup add stuff. Not very antimustachian, just stupid and/or predatory.

Wait a minute. I think this bashing is uncalled for. Use wifi? I like to be online when I travel, and looking for a working wifi every time you need to check something is really inconvenient. I have the 29 CHF Plus Swiss Abo at Salt, but 200 MB is rarely enough, so I can understand someone who travels on monthly basis, buying this abo. Salt abos are often sold at a reduced price, so this Plus Europe at 69 CHF would not be a bad thing for a frequent traveler.

In this case it may be smarter to get a German/French/whatever EU country you want prepay sim-card because of the inter EU roaming thing. Hell in Germany you do not even have to show an ID to get a sim-card you can just walk up and buy one like a piece of gum. I have found that Germany has very attractive terms on the low end but very lacking at the high end (real unlimited data seems to be not a thing there and their networks are generally worse than the Swiss ones).

My current is not very mustachian (but better than my previous 70chf per month salt one). I have the basic 20CHF per month Sunrise Contract which is generally worse than the prepay things available. However you can switch the contract on a daily base so I can get unlimited LTE for about 2CHF per day when I need it. I generally like sunrise for their very flexible plans and 2Mont cancellation period.

What you describe is only available since recently and has its caveats. I have been on holidays in the EU and I used my polish subscription to surf online. I bought a 3GB package for a laughable 6 CHF and surfed all the way. After some time I got a data limiter warning that I racked up the costs over 70 CHF and my data connection has been blocked as a safety measure. I called the hotline and they said that an add-on package does not work abroad.

It’s nice and cool to be frugal, but on the things, that you don’t care about. To me it’s important to keep things simple. I don’t like to call hotlines, carry around two phones, or switch sim cards. At some point, I think it is much more important to focus on maximizing your income than squeezing out every penny. E.g. I could go shopping to Lidl, but I prefer to go to a Coop that is right around my home. We have a limited time and energy and we should not fall into a trap of getting obsessed about every penny. If something saves my time and nerves, I will gladly pay extra for it.


Why did I expect the EU to get something right for once. I expect almost nothing and still get disappointed.

In this case the Sunrise one might make sense since you could switch to the roaming subscription for the required days and then back to the domestic one.

Oh i am pretty amazed by my quite unlimited mobility within EU, the unified currency, the high level of peace, and the whole project as such. but yes, there are things about i that disappoint me, too…

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What about…
Your own dog in a real frame picture by an artist.
We went to a pet show with the kids and found this business.
650 EUR for your own dog’s picture…

we’re not pet lovers but I found this interestingly Antimustachian haha I had to share this with you…


great one! here is another:
what is the most importatn thing about generally very unmustachian SUVs?
competing on the race circuit!

why dont i compete at tour de france with my unicycle? I may be first in my class :smiley:

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That would be pretty bad-ass though.

I don’t have a photo, but I’m sure that all of you living in Zurich has already seen Ads on some Trams from Hugo Peters. I find it extremely sad/comical that they show the “Mobel des Monats” which can be a simple chair for 900chf or some other astronimical price like that.
This month is a lamp for 930chf

Btw, I’m not against it, but showing it as an Ad on a Tram seems a bit odd.


clearly some stupid spending, but, well, must luxury/ design stuff falls under this, no?^^
Yes I saw them too and i feel like facepalm each time

And who the fuck would pay 72,000 miles for it if you could get so much worth of air-fare instead. WTF!?

:joy::joy: hahaha Wellcome to the Antimustachian Wall of Shame!!

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