Moving to Albinen!

I was going to put this on Wall of Comedy, but this is totally not anti-mustachian. I mean, what better way to save some money than by getting paid to live somewhere!

I mean if I am FIRE and the internet is good I might actually consider it. Then again I highly doubt the internet is good XD.


So you have to live there and pay taxes in Wallis for 10 years and for this they will give you 25’000 one off payment? Or is it annually?

The village looks nice on Google Maps, but I wonder where do they get the money to pay people for just living there?

Probably they hope that you pay more in taxes in the next 10 years

haha it takes 50 minutes to Brig station, let alone Zurich. not my place :smiley: at least not right now^^

It’s one time payment but it combines for family members, so they pay 25k for adult and 10k per kid. I’d consider it if I were already FI, but I’d have to first check the taxes there and up the costs and benefits. It’s good place for my second half of my life, on true retirement, once my kid will grow up, because it’s in the mountains in the middle of nowhere.

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Guys anyone can help me how to go albinen

You could go by train. Three hours from Zurich main station.

Or you could check the website of the town:

And contact them.