Tax declarations are fun

Anyone else enjoys doing their tax declaration? It’s such a fun exercise and eventually you get money back.
I’m aware that with todays’ interest rates it’s not optimal to overpay anymore in the first place.

Why the heck would anyone schedule a maintenance window for the tax software during lunch time, when I want to enter my deductions?

By the way, at least in ZH many deductions are applied automatically, but the 500 flat for Aus- und Weiterbildungskosten almost get me every year.They are not copied from last year, like other entries, either. Cheeky.


I hate doing it. It is time consuming and I usually leave it until the last minute (after paying 50 francs to extend the deadline 3 months).

They’ve increased the interest rate to 1% I believe.

Also, check out this handy overview (in German however) of all the deductions you can make:


That’s the wrong attitude for this thread.
Think of Scrooge McDuck counting his money to enjoy his assets. Followed by carefully and legally making them disappear.

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But only as of 2024, right? There was a brief period where the interests were quite generous.

It’s the coffee section, but I wanted to add some potentially helpful. Seems this 500 Srf. deduction is a Zurich thing (“Im Kanton Zürich werden bis CHF 500 ohne Belegnachweis akzeptiert” in your linked document).
In ZH, the standard deductions are automatically applied, like 3% for work related expenses.But this one, you need to actively add.

Good for you there was no maintance window back then :smiley:

The 500 CHF deduction showed up automatically for me (ZH).

Does it this year? That would be a nice addition. Never mind my hint in that case.

Edit: Just checked, it does, actually. Good for them (and you and me).

Still waiting for my wage statement, expected by February 2024 :frowning:
Other docs are ready.


I like doing them because I’ll soon after get back the witholding tax (from my dividends received) which in turn is almost sufficient for paying the taxes for the new year. :smiley:

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Yeah my employees always send the statement last minute.

whaaaaat? didn’t know the extensions are paid!

They were not for me in ZH nor BS.
Another canton dependent thing?

Vaud here, I guess so or just many employees :smile:

Did people in Stadt Zürich already receive their access code?

I haven’t received mine yet. Eagerly checking my postal box every day … :wink:

After 3 years, I am quicker and getting better at it.

However, I hate the fact that I can’t reuse the .tax file of the previous year on Geneva GeTax software.
I always start from an empty file entering all bank accounts and broker accounts.
Anyone has a better way of doing it ?

It’s canton dependent. We pay 20.- for a 4 months extension in Valais/Wallis.

maybe its just me but I am contemplating on suicide when I am doing it.

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I love it and i do it in the first weekend after i get it!