Tax Declaration: list your deductions!

Thanks a lot, very helpful. So if I understand it correctly, just merely based on meals taken outside form home, one can easily take the flat rate deduction of 4k. On top of that, clothing and shoes can account for a lot. It would only become critical if one wants to claim effective costs then it would require proof of all costs.

I searched the forum and all of Google. Only you mentioned it and never “discussed” it, all questions regarding this method were unanswered by you…

Am I too stupid to export a summary of all my tickets bought during 2023 from sbb? I used to have a GA but switched to single tickets due to increasing homeoffice days. Anyone?

Do you want to report a value different to pauschal?
Otherwise I don’t bother - just put the default without attaching anything.

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Good point, probably not even needed yes

Oh. Whatever I said 4y ago…

Not a big discussion indeed, but

OTOH I really like this document as it answers a lot of questions that people on this forum ask:

Asking for canton of Zurich: in various articles on the web I’ve seen that one can deduct 300.– under “various donations” without receipts. Has anyone tried this successfully?

My tax advisor claims full 300 every year. Still waiting on 2019 taxes to be finalized, thought. Can’t see why not accepted, however.

there is precedent that both deductions are possible (ov and bike)

I even got 400.- approved in AG without receipts.

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Question people. Do we need to declare mietkaution deposit account? i guess yes. but following question. how do you declare joint accounrs (not with spose, separate declartions?) do we both declare the konto and put half value each?
zurich kanton, if that helps.

That’s what my parents (not married) did in the past, same for the mortgage, house value, etc.

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so just to be sure- what exactly is the rule for Canton Zurich

0.3% is only applicable to securities (like Stocks, ETf, bonds etc) excluding bank accounts (cash and fixed deposits)


0.3% is applicable for all movable assets (including cash)

i have heard different things , so wanted to clarify.

This one.

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If your bank has a tax statement with digital barcode, just put this document and the software will manage to put the number. Maybe you will have to tick a case to inform that it’s a joint account (it was I did in my Canton).

sorry for the very stupid question but in what section of the zh declaration can you deduct these costs?
is it " Kosten für die Verwaltung des beweglichen Privatvermögens" or something else?



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I simply added a line with the description “Pauschalabzug für Wertschriften (0.3% von CHF xxx)” and put in 0.3% of the total worth of my ETFs according to the Wertschriftenverzeichnis.

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Any infos concerning donations without receipt in Vaud?

does 0.3% apply to crypto?