Tax declarations are fun

I did it myself for the first time last year and it was rather fun. Took me quite some time as I had to read a lot but doing it in ZH is much better than in most other places. Then did it also for my gf and that one was quick…

Now if I could finally get my tax refund for 2021… and 2022 for that matter :sweat_smile:

Really need to push for a C permit this year because of this.


Received it today, yay :slight_smile:

whats the best way to create a tax statement in ibkr?

is there a file with all the dividends or shares that you’ve bought over the year?

I normally use the dividend statement, but that’s available later.

For Zurich, what should we upload in the DA-1 form “Beleg für DA-1 Wertschrift für Aktie”? A statement of owning the stock from IBKR ?

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Now to wait a month for the eTax documents to arrive :sob:

User @San_Francisco wrote in this forum how he creates the ibkr reports for the tax authorities:

It’s a custom report and I do it the same way.


I usually attach the default / full activity statement of the calendar year. First page has everything that the taxman needs. The next pages are useful for me to put in individual transaction and dividends are calculated automatically in Zurich Kenton tax portal.

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I use the dividend report from the IB tax statement. It has all the data needed and reconciles with eg late withholding refund (from US bond ETFs).


update: I got my salary certificate yesterday.

I got the info from accounting/HR that it will be ready by mid February :smiley:

I find it annoying now that they switched to this online system and you can’t even log on to start entering information because you first have to receive a code which is only sent in Feb. and then you’re supposed to be done by end of March.

a couple of clicks and I move the deadline to end of November


Yes. I always extend, but I can only extend to September and it costs 50 Fr.

For me too. It seems it can’t even be removed, it’s not in an editable row.

Like others, I have never done that, either. I enter value, income and withholding tax and then add a report to back it up.

Got the access code mid January. The offline version or the paper forms were only made available somewhere late January, as well.

Got mine today!

Tears of joy are rolling down my cheeks …

(ok, I’m exaggerating. Slighty)



What country is the etf actually stored? And what about the account? In my tax software I have to choose a location…

Is that for the etf specifically or where your brokerage account is located?

If brokerage, then it‘s ibkr in UK.

If etf, you need to tell us which etf.

CH etf probabaly in CH, VWRL/VWCE is Ireland, VT is USA for example.