Splitting up with GF / advice for new budget

Dear all

I decided to leave the apartment where I live with my girlfriend together due to relationship problems. We are still together, but I think I need it for my mental health. It will be the first time that I’ll live alone. I made a budget plan in Excel and want to share it with you guys:

Any inputs? Anything I didn’t think of? Thanks for the feedback.

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Did you include the possible additional “Nebenkosten” bill in the apartment costs?

Other than that, checked it against my budget and it looks good I think.


Well the rent is 1030 CHF and Nebenkosten 150 CHF. Seems pretty good to me. I never had to pay additional costs, did you have different experiences?

Any obvious potential savings opportunities?

Intriguing. How can it be so bad that you need to move out, but not bad enough to break up? And can you share some details on how you hope it to improve your mental health? My gf sometimes drives me crazy, but living alone could lead to depression. Btw if you dont feel like sharing this then just ignore my post :wink:


Hi @Cortana , Sorry for your GF.

I find OK your budget just a comment about your rent.
I’m living in Geneva and I can’t find anything below 1600, 1800 CHF!! How do you do? Are you sharing your apartment?


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In my opinion, you can obtain smartphone abo cheaper

More, I can get you Netflix /Spotify half price (mp if interested)

I hope you mental health improve


Yes, we had additional bills that were quite high, a couple times. Hence that was my first thought.

Netflix for 20.- is the option with 4k and four parallel streams if I’m not mistaken. If you have a 4k capable television and enjoy the picture quality, why not. That’s what I do. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mobile phone might offer some potential for saving, but it depends on what you need. I’m with Digitec Connect with some family member and for 25.- we have 6gb domestic and 1gb EU roaming.

But then, you’re going through tough times. You have more pressing matters to attend than finding the most competitive cell phone service.

All the best to you!

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We just moved together way too soon (after being together 9 months) and none of us lived alone before, we both left our parents home. So I never got to make the experience of living alone. I hope that most of the problems we currently have, will be solved out this way.

I live close to Aarau, so rather cheap here :slight_smile:

Hmmm, will have to see. If that happens with my new apartment, I will definitely increase my standing order for the “Yearly Expenses” savings account. And yes, I have a Sony 65" X-Series 4K TV, so I really enjoy the quality.

Btw, it’s 25CHF/month (Wingo) and 27.55CHF/month for the device (Huawei P30 Pro).

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I dont know the Aarau zone but 55chf electricity montlly ?
I pay about 30chf/month un laussane area with 3 person in my apartment

608.55 CHF last past year for me. 1.3 people in the apartment, Geneva area.

Just change the billing county of your netflix abo to Turkey or Argentina. the 4K abo with 4 streams is around CHF 6.- per month for a one-time effort of cancelling your contract, waiting some time and being connected with a VPN the moment you renew the contract. (You will keep the bookmarks and already watched and stuff)

Valentine day (even in your situation) is your chance to have a Yallo abo for 28 per month flat in CH. No contract duration and lifetime discount.

PM me for a 1 month free code.

Budget looks fine to me. :+1:
I was in a similar position two years ago. I moved out after living together for 6 years, partly because I never lived alone before that. Many people find it weird, - it was actually annoying having to explain it over and over again. Anyway we are still together and are probably moving back together at some point in the future. I regret nothing. :slightly_smiling_face:


How much did you lose on your savings rate? For me it will be around 800 CHF per month.

How old are you btw? Do you plan to have kids?

Does this still work? I tried connecting to Netflix with a turkish and argentinian vpn but the site didnt even load properly at first. It finally redirected me to the main (US?) page after a while…

Do you have to make a new account for this?

Guys, Netflix is cheap af, if you compare it with other things :slight_smile:
Besides of that: I think, OP knows that.

I did so with hola vpn on my cell phone (i would not use hola for anything else and uninstalled immediately after). It worked a couple of nonths ago

Yes, Netflix (and other services like Spotify,HBO,etc) is cheap if you compare, but me as good mustachian I search always to optimize my saving
So…Now I can get Netflix & Spotify ,etc accounts event cheaper

For example I pay for Netflix account 4k for 6 month (not need vpn or anything else) for 60 chf
Spotify 6 month 40chf


It’s getting kind of off-topic :smiley:

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We had an expensive appartment together so I spend around 50 CHF less now on rent. However, for 6 months I paid twice the rent because we had a 1 year contract and couldn’t terminate it earlier.

I’m 25 and we don’t want kids.