Splitting up with GF / advice for new budget

It seems a comprehensive budget to me.

Just 2 smaller things are coming to mind:

First, I would include the pension fund in my savings. Not a really a budget thing, but relevant if you want to know your saving rate.

Second, internet at home seems pricey at 55 for me. We pay 39 CHF (in Zurich). Don’t stream 4k, but 2-3 HD streams at the same time work fine. If you have competition in your area you might well get a cheaper deal, also from your current supplier if you negotiate with them.

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Unless you define your savings rate as starting from “take home pay” - depends on your personal definition.
Pension fund contributions you cannot control (for the most part), so I don’t include that as the basis for calculating SR.
Although true, that money is “saved for you” from your salary. :slight_smile:

@Cortana, budget looks right.
Try yallo if you wish to save 20ish more. :slight_smile:
Netflix and Spotify - try to get into a deal with a couple more friends, a shared/family account could get you down to 10CHF for both together.
But those are really minor items up there.

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@dbu True. For overall savings I’d say: Savings incl. pension fund / gross income. If you want to know how disciplined you are with your disposable income: Savings without pension fund but including 3a / net income

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