Share your salary progression

Thanks for sharing. If you don’t mind me asking, is it in a smaller study or through one of the bigger ones?

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HI, I’m working in a small company (less than 15 people) mainly in structural design (mostly concrete structure).

Update: Lucky to have gotten another bump, this time in less than 2 years. :slight_smile:

  • Data & tech roles; in pharma (2014-2021), then financial industry (2021-)
  • Mid 30s
Year Base Event Relative Absolute
2014 74’400 Postgrad
2016 95’000 Permanent 27.69% 27.69%
2019 107’000 Promotion 12.63% 43.82%
2021 135’000 Company change 26.17% 81.45%
2023 142’500 Promotion 5.56% 91.53%

Plus 10-15k bonus since 2016



My yearly gross salary:

  • 2016: 16,000 EUR (internship outside of Switzerland)
  • 2017: 115,000 CHF
  • 2018: 115,000 CHF
  • 2019: 120,000 CHF
  • 2020: 142,000 CHF
  • 2021: 152,000 CHF
  • 2022: 200,000 CHF
  • 2023: 230,000 CHF (expectations)

Interesting shares. I only arrived in switzerland 3 years ago and recently went from public to private sector. We are both working but I am not comfortable to share my wifes salary, this is my part :

2021 : 161000
2022 : 310000
(2023 : 320000 estimation)

I am very happy with this and I am excited to see this growing the next few years.


And what field or position you’re working at? casually doubling the income sounds fantastic.

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Could you share some more details about which type of companies / positions / industries are you working with gross salaries over 220kCHF per year?

Or with 30% year over year salary increases…?

I would be genuinely surprised if there are so many positions at that salary level or with such an evolving progression % yoy (not contracting, neither at Director or higher level nor due to exceptional one time bonuses)

It is a big inrease, indeed. I am a specialist MD and just made the switch from a public hospital to a private one. Very happy with this jump indeed but it has taken me about 16 years of training and working.

As for the question of who makes over 220k per year I think about many positions in Law, Consulting, Medicine, Director levels at companies, …


To my knowledge considering especially people at the age of 30-35 (means 5-10 years of experience) and over 220-230kCHF annual income in big multinationals perm. position is an illusion.

I know a pretty good sample from the largest multinationals in the medical device, pharma, finance and manufacturing/industrial domains and sectors amd those salaries for permanent positions simply doesn’t exist for 99% of the cases.

Even considering every 2 years promotions (if that happens someone after 10years should have been at CEO level!) - the maths doesn’t seem correct from my side I am sorry -

I know additionally all the salary ranges and that ranges are not even on the higher end of the range for director level positions with over 15yrs of experience.

Not to mention that in multinationals salary levels are primarily comparable with peers too.

For consultants it could be a different case I agree - but again as a consultant to have a steady 30% yoy increase it sounds very strange to me.

Of course this is rather exceptional in relative terms, as you can tell by average and median incomes in Switzerland. But there aren’t that many medical doctors and lawyers compared to other professions.

However, this forum and even more so this thread, has a self-selecting bias towards high-earners. So it’s not surprising that we have some of them here.

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In which role/industry do you work?

Not uncommon at all for sw/ml engineers in big tech firms.

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That salaries for corporate multinational environment with 5-10 yrs of experience are VERY uncommon.

For consulting or self-employment jobs I cannot comment - it might well be above and beyond - no experience

But for corporate environment perm. contracts 5-10yrs of experience with over 230k per year or 30% yoy salary increase with promotions yoy are close to non-existent (you are talking about an exception kind of 1% if something like that exists and I would be genuinely interested to know the industry and function where it exists…)

Typically that salary is in the range of 100-170kCHF annually in Switzerland, but I kind of understand the “flair” of the thread now, so it’s okay for me :wink:

Are you talking about base salary or incl. bonus etc?

advisory (in wealth management)

If it’s only cash salary then yes, 220K is a rather high number. I was referring to total compensation (cash salary + cash bonus + RSU grants vesting).

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Once could say this formum contains an abnormally high percentage of “one percenters” :laughing:


Damn dude! I definitly went into the wrong specialty. I see Hirslanden (one assumes) pays well :slight_smile:


It’s one thing to be an “one percenter” and totally another thing to realize you are an “one percenter”… or not :joy::joy: