Share your salary progression

How much net income makes you 1 percenter in Switzerland? I’m not sure 300k does it.

EDIT: Well apparently it’s 20k and above net monthly. I honestly thought it would be more.


-Or 5% above 13k / month net (ca. 16k gross)

That means roughly that ca. less than 5% of total population earns more than 190k gross salary in Switzerland…

wow the gap between men and women is brutal

It’s less bad when you look at the part time net salary, but still.

I wish they had the part time values broken down further. “Everything < 90%” is very broad.

Question : these are net salaries. Is it defined somewhere what it is ?

(incl. bonus and 2nd pillar contribution ?, - AHV, KLG etc. and taxes ?)

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It’s in the excel sheet.

Yes indeed brutal, but I wonder how they calculated it and if it makes sense.

It’s more sensible to compare by sector and not for wage. Some sectors pays more some less. If womens prefer to work in a pharmacy and men like off-shore oil fields, of course there will be huge differences.

Or maybe I’m missing something.

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Don’t forget that the stats linked only pertain to employment income (wages and salaries)

This is Switzerland, so I am sure there is substantial capital & rental income that goes unreported in these figures.

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Please folks, let’s not start that discussion again we’re going out of financial discussion territory here…


So if I understand it right it is salary - 2nd pillar contribution, AHV, ALS, SUVA etc. but taxes have not been taken away yet ?

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The data set is wrong. How can you compare net salaries when there are so many changing variables? They should have done this with salaries before ANY deductions to make it comparable.


Also note that we have a lot of self-employees which are often located in the higher ranges as well.

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I wouldn’t call it wrong per se.

I just noted today that your sheet actually states a net income line, which would be standardized for everyone except 2nd pillar contributions.

So basically, it is the amount hitting your accounts before taxes (if not taxed at source), which is basically the disposable income for you.

Furthermore it is easy to gather since this is the amount declared in your tax declaration.

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Yes if you want it to be more or less comparable. If you want it to be 100% comparable it has to be without any deductions in my opinion.

I thought so too. But, don’t you think, if you earn this much self-employed, you probably have a GmBh or AG already and are employed by your business. Wouldn’t you be counted then as well?

For sure yes but that does also mean that you can adjust your salary and pay out the rest to any given timepoint as dividend. I know several of my neighbors which have their business registered in their house and hence any improvement of their home is charged as business need and will be done by their GmbH and never display in their salaries.

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Finally my turn to share:

Year Total comp Event
2010 24,000 Post grad (Bachelor) in country A
2011 36,000 Raise
2012 20,000 Started Masters degree in country B, internship
2013 83,000 Post grad (Masters) full time in country B
2014 134,000 Moved in CH mid year
2015 150,000
2016 150,000
2017 130,000 Changed job mid year, lower salary but experience is more valuable
2018 122,401
2019 155,403
2020 180,737 Changed job
2021 184,359
2022 251,449 Changed job
2023 253,000 Haven’t included 20k stocks vested over 3 years

As you can see, some ups and downs.


New data is now available… not much change since last year:

2011: 93k
2012: 110k
2013: 127k
2014: 138k
2015: 145k
2016: 153k
2017: 153k
2018: 175k
2019: 179k
2020: 252k
2021: 284k
2022: 327k
2023: 333k (Base + 10k, Bonus @~100k but lower than last year. On top of that a very good pension scheme) - still happy :slight_smile:


Fellas (congrats first!) please share your background/industry/roles along those astronomic numbers; so the rest of us don’t get overly depressed. :rofl:


can you include sector changes? Did you have a promotion after a lateral move in the same industry (total win!) or went back to your old background or started yet another sector?

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