Revolut in conflict with Mastercard Cumulus?!

Hi everyone

Like every month, I wanted to charge my Revolut with my Cumulus Mastercard and it didn’t work. I called at Mastercard who told me that since this year, it will not be possible to charge more than 1000CHF per day (in my case). Ok I’ll do with that … except that 2 times 1000 it goes. For the little story

But … yes there is a but :frowning: according to my interlocutor, Mastercard is in conflict with Revolut and it could be that in the very near future, Mastercard requests 1.5% commission on each Revolut recharge with the Mastercard. His argument is that Revolut is considered a foreign merchant and therefore we should pay the tax.

He does not know if and when the change will take place. He does not know if we will be warned. So keep an eye out!

Good evening to all.

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Why can’t you just top up by bank transfer? It’s free - Revolut added CHF accounts not long ago.

Seems to me that you’re trying to game the system to get cashbacks/points/miles/… and you’re getting what you deserve.

Because it takes way more time! I just want a convenient and rapid. You seem well informed on the subject of"gaming the system".

I prefer slow and cheap
But 1.5% is not so much of a deal. It saves you waiting a couple of days :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

Last year I converted like 30k via SwissCard to EUR and always received the 0.5% Cashback.

Swisscard does’nt charge a fee, but they don’t give Cashback anymore on Revolut Top Ups (Since Nov 2019)
Cornercard is charging Cash Advance Fee for Revolut Top Up
Cembra is what we are talking here about (Cumulus issuer)

There are still some issuers left without a fee AND cashback.

1.5% in three days is equivalent to 3.5% in one week or 16% in one month or 612% after one year. This is the power of compounding. :blush:

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But then it ruins the whole point of using revolut in the first place.


I disagree. The 1.5 % is not an interest rate, it’s a fee that is paid once on charging.
Basically, if you save more than you pay, it’s always still worth it.

Cost: 1.5 % - 0.3 % cashback as Cumulus (assuming you treat it like money) - 1.2 %
Benefit: Currency savings by using Revolut - 2-4 % depeding on your card.

With this back of the envelope calculation you’d always still be better off to pay with Revolut instead of with Cumulus by 0.8%. On 1000 CHF this is till 8 CHF.

Of course it’s better to avoid the 1.5 %, but you still save money all things considered.
I have made a comparison of Swiss Credit Cards and their benefits and costs:
Charging methods for Revolut - Costs and benefits

For me it just takes 1 working day. Definitely nothing to loose my sleep on.

If I make a payment before 13:00 it will even be there on the same day

You don’t get it, do you? He’s saying just waiting 3 days to save 1.5%, the ROI here in annual terms is 612% compounded. You can’t find investment opportunities with comparable returns anywhere on the public market without taking enormous risks or going illegal. With Revolut, the risk is fairly small and they are 100% legal (AFAIK). It doesn’t compound tho. But 182% not compounded is still very respectable return.

And in fact it only takes 1 business day, not 3 days for transfer to go thru.

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Why aren’t you guys using a credit card with no fees for Revolut?

Most swiss cards have fees for foreign payments

I mean for charging up your Revolut card. I would never accept this 1.5% fee from Cumulus and move.

Let me guess … moving to Revolut? :joy:

I prefer wire transfers. This also avoids self-top-ups from hacked Revolut accounts.


The fee from Cumulus seems to already be live, at least for me.
It was in the very near future ^^


Does somebody try to use Zak credit card with Revolut top/up?

Do they apply any fees?



I just called Cembra and they told me that the 1,5% fee is an error and we’ll be refunded on the next bill.:slight_smile:


problem solved:


… Again: Topping up my Revelut account with my Cumulus Mastercard, I got charged 1.5% again (happened mid June)