Charging methods for Revolut - Costs and benefits


I propose we do a common thread on how to charge Revolut with different credit cards, bank, their costs (fees, percentages) and benefits (credit card cashback).

The conditions may change, so I am going to try and keep this up to date.

I have quite a lot of cards and am willing to share my experiences:

Best option as of February 2020:

Supercard Plus Topcard - Free Card - No fees for charging, cashback 0.3 % as Superpoints Coop (January 2020)

Simple bank transfer to Swiss Revolut account [Added by Julianek] : Free, but slower than using a card. You do not have a credit card linked to your phone. No Cash back.

Other options:

Swisscard Cashback Credit Card - Free card - No fees for charging, but no Cashback of 0.25 % (May 2021)

PostFinance Visa Gold - 90 CHF per year - No fees, no cashback (May 2021)

Cumulus MasterCard Cembra - Free Card - No fees. Cashback 0.3 % as Cumulus points. Worked on my account according to Cembra statement from 23.1.20 - Possibly disputed according to this post

Credit Suisse MasterCard (bonviva platinum) - No fees for charging but no bonviva points (January 2020)

Please propose changes or additions below.
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It cost me 5 francs to transfer 1500 CH.- from Migros Bank to my Revolut Card

… and you are saving waaaaay more than the top up costs, if you are using Revolut for FX payments.

Free of charge from a UBS account if transferred to Revolut Swiss IBAN (Credit Suisse).
I’m always credited the next business day.

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What is “FX” Payements?

I am realising that I was probably sending money to the UK IBAN…this is why I was being charged…
Pfff…learning every days…lol

Payments in foreign currency.
FX = FOREX = foreign exchange

Credit Suisse MasterCard (bonviva platinum) - No fees for charging but no bonviva points (January 2020)

Bank transfer from any Swiss account to the Swiss IBAN of Revolut should be free.

P.S: AMEX is not accepted by Revolut for charging (January 2020)

Anyone tried with an Amex?

One cannot use American Express to charge Revolut, at least in Switzerland.

As far as I know, American Express charges the highest fees to the vendor which is why there are many places you cannot pay with it.