Renewing (EU) B permit while on RAV

Dear all,

I am a Belgian tech worker, who, unfortunately, was laid off in the beginning of the year. I started on RAV but i have a huge doubt, that even my advisor is not sure.

I will have to renew my B permit in September. I would like to hear feedback from people who got similar stories or know similar stories, as my RAV advisor is not sure, since this is a Migration department decision.

I think my scenarios, assuming i do not get a job until then is:

  1. Get 5 year B permit (less likely scenario)
  2. Get temporary B permit until RAV expires
  3. Get L permit for 1 year or less (more likely scenario)

Anyone had a similar situation that could tell what happened for them?

Also I got the papers for renewal now. Should I risk it renewing it now and get a less worthy temporary permit? Or only renew and send the papers, if I get a job before the deadline (I am interviewing but this is market is so hard)? I am so confused.

Thank you so much in advance, your help is invaluable and wish you a great day.

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the answer is 1. you will get another 5 years. RAV can be treated as an employer