B permit about to expire and laid off

I just got notified I’ll be laid off. I’ve been 4 years 11 months in Switzerland (B permit, EU citizen). Coincidentally, I got the paper to request the extension of my B permit just a few days prior to the layoff notice. My exit date from the company is at the end of the year (I’ll be employed till then, but on garden leave).

  1. When do I need to notify the Gemeinde? Now or when I’m effectively unemployed (1st January next year)? What happens if I don’t notify them (and find a job in the coming months)?

  2. I had signed the paper for the permit renewal, but was yet to send it over to the Gemeinde: on it, it asks for my employment status. Since I’m still technically employed as of today and for the next few months, do I need to update anything on that paper?

  3. Is it possible for the authorities to rescind the validity of my B permit from hopefully 5 years when it gets renewed (I had 5 years on the permit now) and switch it to 1 because I’ll be unemployed (note that I’ll be eligible for unemployment/RAV insurance for up to 400 days)?

Many thanks for your insights.

I suggest to talk to Gemeinde and ask how can you renew the permit or if you need to do something specific . Normally your company will inform them (or arbeitsamt ) anyways at some point. As I understand there is some sort of 3rd party responsibility.

I am not sure how the EU residence permits work , but for non EU, residence permit is granted on basis of employment. Once employment is over, typically there is a period to find the job. The original validity has no relevance.

However for EU folks, most likely you will have more support in terms of timeline.

(based on what I remember from union talks around layoff in my company)

If you got the paper and are still employed, just send the paper. As EU citizen they should issue a 5y permit again (don’t think there’s such a thing as 1y EU permits).

In any case as EU if you want to stay, you’ll be able to as long as you have the means (iirc the wealth required to prove you can sustain yourself is something like XXk CHF, but then it’s also a different permit). But here you’re employed and you’ll still be considered employed while on RAV so there should be 0 issues.

(note tho that long unemployment can cause reduce the odds of getting the early C permit, if it’s an option consider applying while you’re on garden leave)

Contact your union if you’re a member.

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There is.

Ah is that for seasonal workers?

Unemployed benefits is a right, you paid taxes for that. You will get your permit renewed even if your are getting the unemployment benefits. Not the case if you would be getting social aid though.

Yes. Or unemployed job-seekers:

„L EU/EFTA permits without gainful employment are granted to job seekers from all EU/EFTA states“

L EU/EFTA permit (Short-term residents)

RAV is an insurance and not social aid and is a legit source of income even for B renewals (eu/efta countries), a friend of mine got it in the same situation as you.


„You have to make targeted efforts to find a new job, already before the onset of your unemployment and generally in the form of a formal job application – if necessary also outside your former profession“

FAQ Unemployment benefit


From memory and (as an example from Zug) the form for renewal, don‘t or won‘t they as you for a confirmation from your employer anyway?

I guess based on this form technically you’d need to attach the Kündigungsbestätigung if you already have one (if you don’t no reason to do anything else). I don’t think it would be a reason for rejection as other mentioned though (you’d get the renewal while on RAV).

To spell out the sensible thing:

:point_right: Why don’t you just give your municipality or migration authority a call and explain your situation?

As a EU citizen, (s)he can even get a B permit for up to 5 years even as a non-employed person (without seeking for employment). As long as the person is able to support himself.

Even if they can, I don’t see quite what the fuss is about.

Even if you get only one or two years, so what? You live on that and renew earlier - and it’s a non-issue in practice otherwise. As long as you don’t receive an L and require a credit somewhere. Or want to maximise receiving insurance/social benefits/welfare. That is, if you’re reasonably likely to find a new job, you’ll be fine. And considering…

…that is, a much longer period than most employees have (or the law requires as notice period), that suggests you’re probably some well-skilled high earner that should have no issue in finding a new job. It’s still 8 months to go until the end of the year,

Yes, this is probably a misunderstanding.

As you haven’t sent any news (ask for a renew or for the C permit) they are notifying you that you have X month left for your B permit. This will apply UNLESS you send them news → renewal B permit or requesting the C permit. The first will be granted for sure, the second have some conditions but it should not be an issue for most cases.