Radicant - a new neo-bank & wealth management app

Benefit from 0% fees when paying with the radicant debit card in a currency other than Swiss Francs (CHF). No Visa markup fees, no transaction fees, nothing! When you pay with your radicant card, we apply the current market rate – plain and simple.

Has anyone looked closer how true is it?

Thank you! Well, they are obviously not an independent party, but still interesting. Radicant, Revolut, Neon seem to be pretty close.

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The difference between Radicant and Neon is 0.22% which can very well be within intraday volatility… so I would not bother. They even mentioned in their disclaimer that they use the exchange rate at the time the transaction is settled, .i.e., 1-2 days later, and if I recall correctly neon use the same day Mastercard exchange rate, so that could go one direction or another in the end.

As long as one stays away from traditional banks with 2% markup in the exchange rate + 2.5% foreign transaction processing fees I think that’s already good enough.


From an article in today’s NZZ, Radicant currently has (possibly) only AUM (in funds) of CHF 12 million, and 95 employees.
Soon they will launch a 3a product. Let’s see.

"Die Mitarbeiterzahl wurde um ein Fünftel auf 95 reduziert…
…Kennzahlen wie die Höhe der Kundeneinlagen oder verwaltete Vermögen gibt Radicant keine bekannt. Das Geschäft scheint aber sehr harzig zu laufen. Gemäss Daten des Liechtensteinischen Anlagefondsverbands kommen die drei grössten Radicant-Fonds zusammen auf ein Gesamtvolumen von nur 12,4 Millionen Franken – das ist ein Bruchteil dessen, was nötig ist, damit sich ein Fonds finanziell rechnet…
… So will Radicant im Frühsommer ein neues Vorsorgeprodukt für die Säule 3a lancieren. Eine Werbekampagne soll kommende Woche beginnen…
«Bei den drei Fonds sind wir noch unter unserem Plan. Bei den Kundengeldern und der Anzahl Kunden sind wir im oder sogar über Plan unterwegs», sagt Stadelmann. … vor allem attraktive Sparzinsen neue Gelder angelockt, so dass sich die verwalteten Vermögen dem dreistelligen Millionenbereich nähern, was aber noch lange nicht genügen dürfte, um rentabel zu sein."


Is there a subscription bonus, referral code or something? You can send me a referral code.

And are there multiple/disposable virtual credit cards by chance?

Yes, I am thinking about using radicant for online payments in foreign currency, maybe even offline via a Smartphone wallet.

They have a virtual card available in the app that can be canceled and reordered. I think thats more of a safety feature in case of fraud and not actually designed as a disposable one time card. I‘ve never gone through the process though.

They have a referral but its only for their wealth management solution.

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:white_check_mark: No extra charges on weekends then, I guess :laughing:

Love Radicant’s fast & hassle-free onboarding, and its responsive customer service :+1:

I’m still puzzled about the position of this neo-bank, especially with the growing emphasis on ESG aspects in fintech solutions. I’m not sure if Radicant will endure over time, especially compared to competitors like Neon.