Radicant - a new neo-bank & wealth management app

Someone is then investing using radicant funds? what are your thoughs on their sustainability approach?

It looks very… greenwashing to me. The fees are quite high too (but normal for active managed funds)

Nope, I’d never use overpriced Swiss brokers / robo advisors, I’m 100% with Interactive Brokers for investing.

Just using Radicant for the 1.5% interest on my emergency bucket

If you’re serious about sustainability, have a look at Inyova. They seem to be one of the least BS-y players in the Swiss sustainability field


damn not able to open an account if you are UK citizen, no issue with the other app banks

Radicant might take offense with Brexit :laughing:

But seriously, if you’ve got a CH-permit, I don’t see on what grounds they could refuse.

If a bank can refuse U.S. citizens, why shouldn’t they be able to refuse U.K. citizens?

Sure, not saying they couldn’t, but I guess they’d have to provide an objective reason, else it could be deemed discriminatory

Radicant follows wiLLBe’s reduction of the interest paid on cash deposits.

"Due to the recent interest rate cut by the Swiss National Bank (SNB), you will now get up to 1.25% interest on your everyday account.

1.25% for balance of up to CHF 250,000
1% for balance higher than CHF 250,000"

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Interesting article

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Here the most recent article: Radicant baut jede 5. Stelle ab – Inside Paradeplatz