Radicant - a new neo-bank & wealth management app

The following new digital neo-bank is “open for business” in :switzerland:

It belongs to BLKB.

Account & Virtual Debit card free
CHF 50 Startguthaben (if you’re quick)
Interest <25k 1.0%
Interest >25k 0.5%

Active Portfolio Management, with a focus on ESG
About 0.6-0.9% Management + 0.4-0.5% product cost

Currency exchange rate when using card
Visa rates + 0.8%

:de: Preise | radicant bank ag
:uk: Pricing | radicant bank ag

:arrow_right: OK, but not a game-changer.


Doesn’t seem to work out, also red couple of articles on InsideParadeplatz regarding Radicant.

Is there any nationwide operating bank/investment services provider that has not been dragged through the mud on Inside Paradeplatz?

The first 5’000 subscribers of Radicant receive CHF 50.- by Radicant, valid until 31.10.2023: