Radicant - a new neo-bank & wealth management app

The following new digital neo-bank is “open for business” in :switzerland:

It belongs to BLKB.

Account & Virtual Debit card free
CHF 50 Startguthaben (if you’re quick)
Interest <25k 1.0%
Interest >25k 0.5%

Active Portfolio Management, with a focus on ESG
About 0.6-0.9% Management + 0.4-0.5% product cost

Currency exchange rate when using card
Visa rates + 0.8%

:de: Preise | radicant bank ag
:uk: Pricing | radicant bank ag

:arrow_right: OK, but not a game-changer.


Doesn’t seem to work out, also red couple of articles on InsideParadeplatz regarding Radicant.

Is there any nationwide operating bank/investment services provider that has not been dragged through the mud on Inside Paradeplatz?

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The first 5’000 subscribers of Radicant receive CHF 50.- by Radicant, valid until 31.10.2023:

Returning to some of our previous discussion: did someone found a confirmation that they are regulated by FINMA and 100k protection applies? I tried to do some quick search, but didn’t manage. Maybe someone from the community is more experienced with it?

P.S: Huh! Thanks @jay ! I was looking at FINMA website! :laughing:

Has anyone opened an account in the meantime?

The interest rate of 1.5% seems to be pretty attracting.

What’s your experience so far? :grinning:

1.5% up to 250k :+1:
That’s improved a lot since August (it was 1%, and only up to 25k).
Do you know the withdrawal conditions on this “current account”? I looked but couldn’t find anything on their website (which is a bit :-1:t2:).

I find the interest rate also to be attractive, but I fear the current interest rate may be a marketing teaser until they introduce a monthly fee for their account, which could make the deal less attractive. They advertise their offering on their website as Early bird offering without a monthly fee.

Looks interesting as well. I will need some short term solution to store some money. The taxes are currently providing 1.25% yield on early payments. The wiLLbe account sounds more established and secure but has less interesting yields. Also “FestGeld” is not really an option as the rates are even less.

Are there references links for radicant?

Is there a referral program with Radicant? If so, could someone PM me a code?

I wouldn’t care too much if the account can be immediately closed without fees. Unfortunately, the fees are not clearly listed.

I assume that there are no withdrawal conditions as it is a current account.

I asked the customer service about the conditions. I got a reply within 5h.

  • Account closure is free.
  • There are no withdrawal conditions (as expected).
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What about interest payment? Is it yearly?

I didnt consider opening an account because I gave a relatively high probability of them introducing fees by mid year and then the interest would only be paid out once the year is completed. Truth be told I didnt check the general conditions to analyze what would happen to interest payments in that scenario and have opted for willbe in the meantime.

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I didn’t find this in the documents, but I’m pretty sure any time in the year, at the time of closing (Saldierung), you get the interest for the part of the year credited and paid out. 99% of bank accounts pay the interest at EOY, and all the ones I’ve ever closed give you the interest for part of a year.

Anyhow, I have opened a Radicant account in the meantime/last week, and onboarding was similar to wiLLBe. I had problems with the ID process in the afternoon (crashed/froze multiple times), but in the evening worked “first time”.

The “product” does what it needs to.

I suppose wiLLBe-Radicant comparison will often be about interest and fees (where they are very similar), but it is fair to note that Radicant offers a bit more features (virtual debit card, e-Bill, attractive interest above 50k too).

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Article from a blog: Radicant 100 Mio. Minus, Chefs scheffeln Boni – Inside Paradeplatz

Any of you has an experience with radicant?

No, because I don’t see an USP and it does not replace my current bank account at ZKB or neon.

Maybe this blog gives you a bit more insight: Wie gut ist Radicant? Ein erster Testbericht - IFZ Retail Banking Blog

Someone is then investing using radicant funds? what are your thoughs on their sustainability approach?

It looks very… greenwashing to me. The fees are quite high too (but normal for active managed funds)