Postfinance and Swissquote launch a new app called Yuh

Aaaand they have implemented eBill according to the latest message. Anyone wants to try?

Looks like Yuh is moving more and more in the direction of online banking, which is an excellent development.


Isn’t it their objective? I test it quickly last year but I’m not their targeted customer. However, they are more and more attractive.

Depends what you mean with “objective”. They make money from currency exchange and trading fees, so the improvement of banking is to attract more clients that might also invest and use Yuh card abroad.

I am ready to bet that the next step will be 3a, an account and an investment offer, by themselves or via a partner. All Swiss neobanks doing this :joy:.

Exactly this :slight_smile:

I mean they are targeting young fresh people who make their first income with a part-time job between their studies or their first job and who are looking a free friendly bank app similar to Revolut/N26/Neon/Zak. But with the possibility to spend few francs in cryptocurrency or in ETF/equity.

I agree with you for the next step about 3a (probably with Postfinance solution).

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No need to bet, they have a public roadmap. And yes, pillar 3a is next.

I wonder however how they will develop with regards to pricing. Initially they stated that it’s only free as initial offer and that they would offer packages later on. Nothing of that sort is visible anymore.


Sparkasse Bundespersonal gives you 1% right now. :slight_smile:

But you need to be working for a federal government entity oder have worked for one in the past and opened the account than.


Do you know if it is possible to register the shares in the register of investors (like on Swissquote for example)?

Yeah, that‘s not possible.

Edit: I find it unfortunate as well. However, if Yuh trading (or investing as they call it) becomes too good and feature rich, they will start cannibalising SwissQuote.

Meanwhile Yuh in total silence replaced all US ETFs they offer with European analogs. I don’t know yet what to think about it.


I guess their legal department finally checked the legislation. That was definitely the most surprising part of yuh for me.

What if you bought them already?

Why should anything change with shares you already bought?

They can’t just sell them for you or exchange them for other funds - that would be way more illegal than just offering a US-domiciled fund they (maybe) weren’t intended to promote.

For VWRD I’m just bamboozled why they just offer USD-Trading for these… maybe to just profit from exchange rate fees.?

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How do you pay in when you have cash? With Einzahlungsschein or what?