[Poll] What is your broker of choice at the moment?

  • Interactive Brokers
  • CornèrTrader
  • Swissquote
  • PostFinance
  • UBS
  • Raiffeisen
  • Credit Suisse
  • DeGiro
  • Saxo Bank
  • TradeDirect
  • Vanguard
  • Schwab

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I chose CornerTrader because I read MPs blog post, where it comes down to IB and CornerTrader. the tiny difference in price I am willing to pay in order to have Swiss juristiction. If IB had a swiss office, i would go there.

However CT currently don’t offer 2way authentification (i.e. mobie tan or such) so i hesitate to put more money there for the moment. They orally told me they are working on it

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Currently Swissquote, however I will opened an IB account soon to trade U.S ETFs

Yeah, I’m currently debating that same choice before starting investing. Given the simulation I did in the other post, the choice between those two brokers doesn’t really make a material difference by the time you retire.

If you have more than 100’000, it would be good to split it between multiple brokers


+1 on this.
I currently have MigrosBank (my first one 'cause I’ve my mortgage with them), Swissquote and now IB.
Together with IB I plan to keep Swissquote and in the next future close the positions at MigrosBank.

Good point! That adds protection against an unexpected failure at any of your brokers.

Maybe I can change the poll to be multiple choice then.

UPDATE: seems like the poll can’t be changed after 5 minutes…

Did you have to do 100 demo trades in order to open the account with IB? Looks like an unexpected investment of time (especially if you’re already used to that type of software/activity). I started looking at them, but couldn’t even log in in their desktop software (always said the credentials were wrong, even though I was copying them from my password manager). That won’t prevent me from using them, but definitely not the right first experience.

@ 100 demo trades
i obvioudly lied at that point. anybody didn’t?^^


100 demo trades: they just ask it in order to be sure you have enough trading experience…
Opening the paper account was quick and worked immediately for me. Always used the Webtrader platform (not that horrible Java software) which does everything I need.
Filling the registration documents is really long… luckily you can stop the process at any stage and go further when you are ready.:wink:

Nice to know. Since I couldn’t log in immediately to the Java software, I wasn’t sure if the demo trades were counted by the software, or if that was a trust-based thing. Now it makes much more sense :slight_smile:

I have an account with CornerTrader which I don’t use because of the mentioned lack of 2-factor authentication.

Currently, I use Swissquote which are attractive to me because of their low fees for Swiss ETFs (CHF 9).

@wapiti [quote=“wapiti, post:5, topic:191, full:true”]
If you have more than 100’000, it would be good to split it between multiple brokers

Technically, this is not an issue as ETFs are “Sondervermögen” and not part of the liquidation assets if a broker fails.

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This is true but the broker which goes bankrupt might sell your securities on your behalf before flying to Bahamas → I prefer to split the risk… :sunglasses:

Good morning Switzerland
Is there a reason you are not considering German online brokers such as Onvista or Comdirect? Is it bc of currency conversion or language barrier?
To my knowledge, it’s no problem to open an account with them as a Swiss resident and fees are very reasonable.
Anything I am overlooking?

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I am considering IB and CT at the moment, to start investing.
My concern is if I move out of CH in a couple of years, would I still be able to use CT without large caveats?
So for that case IB might work out to be preferred.
What is your take on that?

I’ve asked my account manager at CT about that, and his answer is that it is possible, and easy. You just have to fill a form recognizing that you are aware that your financial info may be shared with the country you’re living in. That said, there are some exceptions right now, e.g. it is not possible to do that if your plan is to live in Italy, Austria, Japan and a few other less common countries. That may very well change in the future (i.e. those countries may disappear from that list).

concerning CT, like someone mentioned on some other forum (guess it was mmm) i access it once per quarter so no biggie there. additionally it seems they want you to be in contact with them when you want money transfers so i’m not that worried at this moment. plus i don’t close positions there.

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Hi @Mie, Hi all

I´m also curious on that topic.

Anybody with experience in that topic?

@CT 2Factor:
Ijust got an email that they finally offer it. will post as soon as I checked it out.
However, I had to actively approach them in order to find out.