[Poll] What is your broker of choice at the moment?


@rgw @thurston @grasmi @Drebbin How much fees does your bank charge and other intermediaries to transfer the money from a swiss bank to IB ?


0 - it’s free. I deposit from my bcge account to IB’s chf london account and there are no charges. The chf are deposited as CHF into your account with no deductions. If you have more than 100k chf balance you will be charged negative interest rates (check IB’s site for latest rates), but if you convert the Chf to another currency with positive yield you are paid interest.


“Good point! That adds protection against an unexpected failure at any of your brokers.”

I don’t understand this. Usually they are only holding your etf, even if they fail you can just transfer your etf in another institute. You only have problem if you deposit more than 100k in cash but I hope everybody here is smarter than leaving 100k cash on a broker account.


I decided not to because I wanted vanguard and at the time there were no german ETF Sparpläne or such with vanguard. Has this changed?


BCGE charges nothing on international transfer ?


They never charged me anything, and I have done monthly or more regular transfers for a few years. I believe it’s a european payment (SEPA), so no charge. Might change with brexit, but until now it has been free for me.


Thanks, that helps.

If my idea of investing strategy is to get:

  • 3-4 different ETF shares
  • 3-4 times a year
  • at ~2000-3000CHF/buy
    what do you guys reckon would be the best (between IB and CT)?
    I understand some platforms have non-activity fees etc., need to read more on that.



Any confirmation on 2FA on cornertrader.ch?


i’ve seen it mentioned in another thread. something along the lines of coming in the next 3M. would link it here if i had found it easily.


The German ones look attractive at first sight as there are no safekeeping charges and smaller/no fees to purchase. Comdirect, Consorsbank and ING Diba take between 1.5 and 2.5% so I won’t consider them for now, but I’ll take a look at Onvista and Flatex over the weekend and report back, also re Vanguard.


I use SQ and CT. I opened the second one because I was not comfortable having too much money in a single broker. SQ’s UI is ugly but I find what I am looking for. CT’s UI on the contrary is an utter mess, in my opinion. Their client service is top notch though.


Interesting, I find CT’s UI very easy to navigate and understand. Granted, I haven’t tried SQ, but I have tried IB, and it is scary.


I guess that it is a question of taste. :slight_smile:


@IB: that was exactly how i felt, too!


@nugget: I think investment decisions are complicated enough and easy to get wrong without the help of of poorly designed software to get in the way. But I certainly get the argument made by others that this is something that we only need to do once every quarter.


@ CT 2FA:
no, no news :confused:
i tried to follow their email today. it didnt get me anywhere besides downloading an app from symantec.com. the email didn’t explain how to link my account to this 2FA. I will call them next week and try to find out.

[edit:] However i was told by friend they actually started 2F service a few days ago. I will update here once I know more.


Me too, but you learn to use it eventually. Also, I find the interface gives you a healthy aversion to screwing around with your savings. :smile:

By the way, another reason why I like IB is their excellent Android app. It makes checking on things really easy and it’s much easier to navigate than the full-fledged java software.


It works. Just as it should work. They cooperate with Symantec VIP and require this app on your smartphone. I simply had to register my phone there, and now my both my web-login and the Saxo-Trader-software require me to put in some code that is generated on the app every few seconds. I changed nothing on my CT account for this.

on the bottom line, one question about CT solved! I am happy to feed my account now :smiley:



Did you have to enable something on your CT account? I don’t see anything there.


as i said, no. I expected to do so, but it turned out to be automatic (i dont know if they changed somethign in the background)