Pants down: yearly spending!

How can your car be this cheap? My car insurance alone is above that and I drive a cheap compact car.

and then only 150 for transportation?

I received money back from Ticino this year as I bought an EV last year. Without that and not split is around 2600, which doesn’t include charging at home that is under bills.

Transportation doesn’t include trips and I’m mostly driving now when I need to move but I often work from home.

Family of 3 renting in GE:

Label CHF
Rent and charges 1524
Additional charges for heating and water 9
Internet Fiber - no TV 41
Power 40
Serafe - Radio and TV 28
Genève - personal tax 2
RC + House insurance 20
Car rental insurance 9
Laundry 33
ASLOCA contribution 36
Deposit at the Bank 2
Bank fees 8
Daycare 1897
Health insurance for 3 768
Groceries+take away+restaurant 867
Travel expenses (me) 935
Monthly TOTAL 6 178
Yearly TOTAL 74 136

My wife will participate in 30% of our fix costs but 50% on the groceries, take away, trips …

I did not include personal expenses of my wife (travel cost, some groceries, night out …).

Final year with the saving rates above 60% … next year we’ll spend 12 months daycare and not 6 months …


My 2023 expenses. Married, but I only count my own expenses + my share of the common expenses (we keep our finances separate and split expenses).

Category Yearly
Taxes 22287.03
Home 10157.33
Travel 8,792.54
Insurances 4511.37
Food 3853.21
Gifts 3120.27
Shopping 2428.11
Restaurants 2407.35
Transports 1398.5
Entertainment 1303.15
Electronics 1131.35
Phone 1123.85
Sport 1016
Health 955.2
Bills 635.27
Car 411.45
Snacks 312.29
Bar 187.9
Clothing 175.25
Education 51.65
Moto 0
Family 0
Total 66259.07

And how it compares to the past 3 years (monthly averages):

All in all I’m quite happy with 2023, I spent 9k CHF less than in 2022, and almost 15k less than in 2021 ! I started caring about personal finances in late 2020, as can be guessed here.


What is “Shopping” ? You should incorporate it in Home/Snacks/Car/Sports etc instead of being by itself.
Or it’s more like “Other stuff I don’t need” ? I’m curious.

if you are living with your spouse and have a kid together, what sense it makes to give “your” expenses?

The only thing that makes sense for me is “our household expenses” in that regard.

Not if she pays the other half…

She doesn’t track all her expenses, only the shared expenses

Sorry for the late reply. It’s indeed what doesn’t really fit anywhere else, but can be bought in shops. In 2023 the main expenses in this category were ~1k for furnitures and tools (moved to a new place), a watch, and a few misc things ordered on galaxus.

Not the most precise category of course, but as it’s quite low in the list, I don’t feel the need to add more granularity here.

You could put almost everything under “Home” and the rest in “Hobby”. This way you could track better how much your hobbies costs. Or maybe watches are not your hobby so it should go under “apparel” instead.
Just my opinion. Every time I see this labeling I always wonder what I could track with them and if a separation would make sense to track something special. For example I don’t have a “furniture” label because I can use “home” to see rent+anything related to it (not on “home care” on my own list)

getting offtopic sorry.

Which tool do you use to get these nice graphs :slight_smile:

Just Google sheets. :raised_hands: