Pants down: yearly spending!

Dear all swiss mustachians,
what is your yearly total spending? Incl. taxes and everything? and for how many persons is that?

I start!
CHF 42’000, one person (2017 number)

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In 2017 we spent 41’000 CHF for two persons, but this was without taking taxes and AHV into account.

If I take that back in, I need to add 21k of taxes and first pillar, so that makes 62’000 CHF for two persons!

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I didn’t keep track, but I’d say I spend 3’000-3’500 per month after tax, so 42’000 per year for a single person. Doesn’t really make sense to count with tax, IMO.

Edit: I checked my bank account and it looks like it’s 3’000 per month, 36’000 per year.


Single person 2017 spendings without tax: CHF 46’000.

I agree with Bojack that we shouldn’t include taxes.

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In my case it makes even more sense not to include taxes or social prevention as my cost of living is nothing compared to the rest:
Single person spending : 41’000
I spend about twice more in taxes, second pilar repurchase and third pillar.

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Exactly. If you say how much taxes you pay, then it’s almost like saying how much you earn. Plus, I am for example a quasi-freelancer. I pay AHV for both employer and employee. So in the end it’s hard to compare.

Tax is heavily income-dependent, and when we reach FI, I assume our incomes will heavily drop and be mostly limited to passive income from dividends or real estate.


Or it could be like saying where you live as the income tax is probably a factor 3 higher in Le Locle as in Wollerau.:wink:

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On average we (couple with a one-year old kid) spend 4000 CHF/month * 12 months = 48000 CHF/year. That doesn’t include taxes, but in my case taxes are negative. I pay 238.40 CHF of income tax and I get back 300 CHF of family allowance, so tax-wise I earn 61.60 CHF per month (Thank you Zug!).

PS. I think it would make sense to break down the costs (maybe in Google Sheet?) into different categories, so that it’s easier to compare how big our mustachianism is.

Heyall, thanks for contributing!
Yes, taxes & AHV need a common convention. I thought of

How much money would i need to make to exactly cover my spendings?

because that would include some taxes, I’d include them. however i see the point in why it makes sense to not list them… but then, include AHV or not? Health insurance?

anyway my goal is to show a friend of mine that it’s not only me saving money off a potential 50’000 CHF income :smiley:

for simplicity reasons i dont want to make a sheet, because noone has the data according to any choice of categories, giving an endless struggle to thefine them optimally ^^

any others?

you mean 50’000 income after tax or before? I would spend much less if I was earning that much. My gf earns around 60’000 after tax and spends around 30’000.

About CHF 35000 p.a. for me.

20000 is from our shared account which covers all the essentials and the rest is discrerionary spending.

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In 2017, not including taxes, AHV, 2nd nor 3rd pillar: 66’449.18 for a family of 4. I must say I try to save the most possible but with 2 kids and 1 wife (opposite would be even more expensive :smiley:) it’s hard to find more room for cutting down costs.


Thank godness I’m not the only one in this situation and with a similar spending level…:grimacing:

BTW. For more detailed spending, check out my post:

It’s a bit outdated, but I still have similar expenses. I usually spend between 3600-4000 these days. I try to never exceed 4000. That’s my main frugality (in Polish dziadować) objective.

PS. My updated budget: 1000000CHF's Journal - #88 by 1000000CHF

Hi everyone,

My first post - but stalking the discussions for a year now (also started to invest in ETF based on the discussions here, a big thanks to @nugget’s portfolio model and @_MP for the Interactive brokers crash course example!!!

Anyway, here are our spendings - couple with no kids in Zurich:

In summary:

  • Total spending of 146k including investment (which amounts to the approx Net salary of me and my wife)

  • 86k spending for 2 people (young married couple, no kids, moved 2 years ago from Romania), excluding tax, excluding investments (breakdown in link above). Vacation budget is 30% of this, which is very high but this is something which I consider one of the best investments (psychologically or course :slight_smile:)

  • 60k investment per year (mostly ETF, partly cash in a bank waiting for the next opportunity to invest - real estate in home country - Romania / or buy ETF when next financial crisis occurs)

@Julianek - how can you spend only 41k for 2 people?
@DrQuasar - also would be curious on the breakdown, it seems almost unthinkable to spend only 66k for a family of four people


I thought we were spending quite a lot on vacations but it seems there’s someone who punches us in the face… :joy:


haha, well I plan to decrease this with time based on the logic: visit really far away places now (high energy, good income) + visit the Rheinfalls when I’m 60 (low energy, low income, arthritis preventing a 12 hour flight)

Easy! Here it is :

(and don’t be too hard on yourself, I used to travel a lot as well when I was younger… I guess after some time it becomes less exciting…)


i totally relate to this! today i have no drive to travel abroad today, after quite abit of travelling in my younger years. Switzerland is just sooo beautiful :smiley:

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Older than you both and still enjoying it like 20 years ago ! :blush: