Pants down, 30yo financial analyst

:point_right:t2: If I was an index investor

finpension is the only provider carrying a MSCI World Quality index fund (ex-CH - though minor detail) within pillar 3a. Past performance is no guarantee for future performance. That said, the idea of investing in companies with solid “quality” financial numbers is sound - and the MSCI Quality index has a relatively long track record of persisting overperformance.



How come we cannot buy this index fund on Interactive Brokers? If this performance is so good, I think most people would want to buy a share

Because the fund is only available to institutional investors who have an agreement with Credit Suisse.

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Why is there no normal version of the MSCI World Quality index fund? There are some derivatives from ishares & xtracker, but they all have some strange adjustments to the quality index methodology.
The performance of the index is good, no-one else has such a product, the quality factor makes sense, so why don’t they launch a version to invest outside 3a / for non-institutional investors?