Pants down, 30yo financial analyst

Well, I did apologize in advance for the tone in my posts right and explained why in the very beginning, did you not read?

I just thought a healthy dose of realism was needed among those “good job, steady progess” comments which are just such an obvious bullshit.

If the guy goes bankrupt, I fell he’ll get the same “good job” “life well lived” “yolo” comments at this forum as well!

Exactly. It ain’t much in the end

I definitely enjoy life to the fullest :slight_smile: My friends, my family and my dog are the most important things for me. I also highly value a good work/life balance.


Thank you for your kind words! I’m definitely focusing on earning more, but there are some expenses that I really need to take care of and reduce :slight_smile:

I think the most important thing is that you are happy and you do things that make you happy.

Having 1 or 10m won’t make a difference if you do things that you don’t like.

Having said that the most important thing to live comfortably is to live below our means. I think you could have optimized your spending more but who I am to tell what makes you happy. So perhaps it was money well spent.

Important thing is that you are aware where your money goes and once it’s clear to you and you are happy, that’s all it matters.

Switch off the noise!

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Do you seriously think you can just say pardon and then whatever you want and nobody will be offended? This posts are very discouraging and a probably the main reason why average people hesitate to share their stories.

A healthy dose of realism would probably be to acknowledge that 160k at age 30 is a great achievement. What do you think in which percentile of the population is does that put him? It’s no bullshit, it’s a steady progress. Just look at the chart.


Since you cite me directly… are you a friend of @kilyn or something? The two of you would do great in a blind date.

I just commented on this thread because it resonated well with me because I also was at around 160k net worth when I turned 30.


Would you be willing to share some insights into what you did differently, what you Invested in?

Might move the discussion in a more constructive direction …

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I have long underestimated the power of dogs over humans. There are few words to describe what they bring to us, but all I understood at the age of 27 is that they will always be faithful and play an essential role in maintaining the work/life balance. How many times I have been able to solve a problem by walking my dog outside is just amazing!


That’s so true! Especially now in Covid times working from home for 1.5 years now and my wife not being around due to work, the dog really helps me to feel less lonely and reduce stress. I mean what’s better than playing with your dog in the garden and seeing how much fun he has :slight_smile:

Nice rule of thumb. It might be worth a separate thread. With more numbers. (at 9am I can barely calculate my age :smiley: )

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@ciez you should reach out to @pandas and @kilyn , you guys would get along :joy:


Very interesting read, and in particular how you keep track of your finances.
Where did you find your financial dashboard?

About buying a house, bare in mind this could be the last real estate you invest in, if you were to make that decision.

I personally invest in real estate to generate cash flow and value over time, while still renting my place at a low rent.

Thanks for your feedback!

The dashboards with the performance are made with Portfolio Performance, the last one I made myself in Excel.

The excel sheet looks very pro.

Would you be opened to share it?
I’ve trying to do one myself but can’t seem to have much talent for design…

Thanks, I’ve been working with Excel for quite some time :slight_smile:

I can share the dashboard, however I don’t think it will be of much use for you, it’s specifically designed to handle transactions from beancount. Feel free to send me a PM about this if you are interested anyway.

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